Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sri Aurobindo's Sharira Chatushtaya

Sri Aurobindo's Sharira Chatushtaya, the application of Utthapana, stage 1 and 2, noticing the energy and flow of prana in relation to the lightness and lack of exhaustion or tiredness during the flow. The application of Saundarya, being beautiful, bright, sweet and beautiful. This has a subtle component in the lower centers as sexual attraction, the subtle appearance of display, the idea of make up comes from trying to reproduce the state of subtle beauty that is seen when the sexual energies, arousal is strong...but beauty comes from the heart expressing through the energy of the body's consciousness and the recognition of a highly developed pranic flow, open channels. posted by Pravritti @ 11:17 AM Name: Pravritti Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. I practice and teach Triyoga, also internal martial arts. Satyam

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