Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wear the crown of authority in your heart

Stress Management for Students Abstract
You have to live your own life. You can decide to live either a happy life or a stressful one. You can live through the years with the attitude, “I will do my best and not bother about the outcome,” or you can live a life full of fears, doubts and jealousy. The choice is yours. To be happy or to be under stress irrespective of anything. I repeat, anything...
Power of Prayer in Stress Reduction
We are instruments in the hands of God. We make out daily plans and when these plans do not work we feel stressed. Students have to be taught to accept and be grateful without forgetting the theory of Karma – Nishkam Karma – as the Bhagwad Gita has taught us. Once we have done our best, nothing should worry us. We should not worry and feel stressed, if our daily plans fail. Above all, to make the students stress free, wear the crown of authority in your heart and not in your mind while dealing with them.
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