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Purna Yoga must not be physical, but spiritual or psycho-spiritual

Nov. 27, 1998 The Significance of Surrender that Transforms

Sri Aurobindo laid down that methods in Purna Yoga must not be physical, but spiritual or psycho-spiritual. He said the principle he had in view was surrender by which the being, consciousness, delight and power of the human being would be given up unto that of the Divine Being...
How much is in common between the caterpillar and butterfly? The past is not altered but transformed. For such a change, the past must go entirely, on its own initiative, which is self-surrender.

Mother says the Supramental being will not have digestive organs. No food will be taken; universal energy will be drawn. Though the form remains human, revolutionary changes are to take place in the structure and components. So, the old should die a death to itself, voluntarily.

For this, the spiritual element in the physical consciousness and physical substance must emerge on the surface and act on their own unimpeded by vital or the mental. As we want mind and vital to be abolished, so also the old physical with its habits, atavism, and fixity should abolish itself transforming itself into Supramental consciousness and Supramental substance. Is there any room here for the past? If no trace of the past is to linger, what method can be resorted to. He chose his own method of surrender. The Gita’s surrender that seeks moksha asks for the abolition of desire and ego. By ego it means the egoistic motive. Sri Aurobindo asks for the abolition of the ego in the mind, vital and physical from its substance itself.

It is possible to mistake submission for surrender. The physically weak man submits to the strong man, overpowered. It could be a grudging submission that waits for an opportunity or a true realisation that he foolishly resisted a worthy leader. In the latter case, it is not only a submission of the body, but mental understanding itself going to the other side. As the mind is won over, the vital too is often won over. The poor trade union leader coming into contact with the rich employer and his luxurious living, and finding that his vital truly enjoys the changed circumstances, is won over to the other side forever. These phenomena exist in varying degrees and each has its own motive force behind.

Let us go to the fundamentals to more fully comprehend surrender. Our theory of creation states that Being, by conscious choice, through self-absorption, became matter, the non-being. The final strand of creation is not matter but mind. Matter is only subconscient will. Presently, human life is dominated by matter. Matter has come, by an inversion, to rule mind which it is in its origin.

Sri Aurobindo’s position in yoga is,
· Now Matter rules over Mind.
· It has to change into Mind over Matter.
· This he says is possible if the Mind changes its view of Matter.
· Mind has to understand that Matter is only its subconscious will.
· This he terms reversal of consciousness.
· When this reversal takes place, the mind can further attempt to regain its link with the Supermind.
· The change to Supermind moves man from the surface to the depth.
· The tapasvi moves from Time to Timelessness and is lost to our world that is in Time.
· By moving to the depth, the subliminal and to the Supermind, the sadhaka is moved from Time-eternity to the simultaneous integrality of Time-eternity and Timeless-eternity.
· The reversal of consciousness dawns on the separative ego as knowledge of the not-self. Man realises he is not the ego but really a part of the not-self and that knowledge releases in him the urge for unity with the not-self.
· By this, the Spirit comes into its own and is able to move matter at its will.
· Once the boundaries of ego vanish, the finite is on its way to being Infinite.
· This is a process of total transformation, not a change of any measure.
· The ACT, which so far perpetuated Prakriti, now allows the being of becoming to emerge into its own.
· It is an act of self-knowledge, self-realisation, Self-discovery that issues the Delight of knowledge emerging from Ignorance which is Lila.
· HE called this ACT “self-surrender.”

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