Sunday, February 25, 2007

It was nice to be amongst friendly faces its a bit like a home away from home really

Auroville By Cat 24 February 2007
So it has been a month since my first entry and what a lovely month it was. Fran and I spent the first ten days staying at a hostal in huts right on the beach. It was lovely and cool with nearly no mozzies but painfully far from the centre of Aurovillem, it was a 15 minute uphill cycle for breakfast! We had some visitors for a couple of days, the lovely lady Lowri and the boy Aaandy, it was great to hear their travelling stories first hand especially whilst we still felt so travel fresh and storyless ourselves. They also brought some booze and biffies so we had a couple of fun evenings catcthing up and celebrating Frannies 25th birthday.
They rented bikes too and we had lovely cycling mini adventures, we went to see the Matrimandir ( basically a massive meditation chamber in the centre that looks like a giant gold golf ball) and actually got attacked by a bus full of school girls all shaking our hands in turn and asking us our names and how we were, funny for the first couple but it did get slightly tiresome after 25! Sadly Andy and Low left after a couple of days to continue their relentless itinerary and Fran and I were left to our own devices. I did a workshop on eating healthy as a cure for serious illnesses, which was very interesting and the food was great!
Also I was getting ayurvedic massage every day for about 3 weeks and did a couple of Yoga therapy workshops, I now feel fantastic! We moved to a community where I stayed last time I was here so it was nice to be amongst friendly faces its a bit like a home away from home really. Fran went off to do her voluntary work after about 6 days so I have been knockin about on my own which was nice after a month of nearly constant company. I had a lovely time cycling about on little missions, I have given a few massages and been the Aspiration community baby doctor making aromatherapy remedies curing colds and stuff. I just made one for my friends baby and then I had a couple of requests. It was nice to help out.
Other than that I have been hanging out with my mates and just generally being busy doing not much at all. I finally managed to drag myself away from Aspiration and Auroville. I was nearly kidnapped by Aspiration and a nice Italian man who was doing his best to get me to stay for another month so he could romance me. We hit it off one night talking about the benefits of consuming your own urine!
As you can expect, he became smitten in a couple of days, not really my type but I do like it when he says 'ciao bella' in his lovely accent. I am now making my way to Kerala for a two week yoga retreat, I endured a 6 1/2hr bus journey today with the driver beeping his horn the entire way whilst I nursed a hangover - not ideal! I am about to do the same tomorrow so I will have an early night and be slightly more prepared. Right peeps, missing you all. Think of me getting up at 5:30 every day for the next fortnight! Posted by Cat at 03:46

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