Thursday, April 12, 2007

There are so many opportunities here and so many things to do

Teresa's Journey April 12 More on Auroville
Auroville covers a 20 km region and is very green and covered in trees - all colors, shapes and sizes. (Banyan, Peepal, eucalyptus, bamboo to name a few) 40 years ago it was complete desert so a huge gratitude to all the people who planted this amazing vegetation. The earth is red which looks very pretty against the green. Most people travel around by motorbike (as its sooo hot) but I'm still on my bicycle or cycle as they call them here and wonder how long I will hold out?. I'm really enjoying cycling for now as there are these very cool 'cycle lanes' which run beside the main roads and are covered by shade from the trees, they wind and twist and have so much character.
Its lovely to wake up in the mornings to the sounds of the many birds and creatures from the forest. It really is quite something - a complete orchestra all singing together in harmony or what sounds like. Their music starts at day break which is around 5.30 - 6.00 am which is the time I usually rise as its reasonably cool this time of day. As we are now coming into summer (April/May/June) it gets hotter every day - currently around mid 30's and its humid so the lease bit of exertion and the sweat pours... So far so good I'm really enjoying this climate and feel energised by the heat/sunshine - it agrees with me. Its important though to work with it and do low key activities from around 11.00 to 3.30pm...
I am currently doing some volunteer work in a organic food processing unit for a few hours some afternoons. This involves preparing and making peanut butter, seasame butter, pestos, noodles, cookies etc. Its a really nice place to be and I'm working with some inspiring Indian Women who are teaching me so much. I'm also involved in an organisation who are doing tremendous work with handicapped children from the surrounding villages. As part of their programme they take the children to a horse riding stables where there is a healing horse. Its so lovely to see the childrens confidence around the horse and to see the horse so patient with the children. they are doing this for around a year now and are making great progress.
There are so many opportunities here and so many things to do but I am trying to pace myself and take everything slowly as this heat dictates the pace... My email: is the best way to make contact with me....7:05 AM Add a comment Trackbacks (0) Blog it

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