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The same programme of Physical Education is prescribed for both boys and girls

The Department of Physical Education (P.E.D.) looks after the physical education in the Ashram. The P.E.D. is run by its Director who is aided by a number of Group captains, instructors and workers.
The present membership of the P.E.D. is 1087, 589 men & boys and 498 women & girls. The members are divided into twelve Groups according to age and capacity. And a programme of physical education is provided to suit each Group. Those not in regular Groups can practice their activities of choice, this Group is called Non-Group. There are people who are closely connected with the Ashram but are not Ashramites, these people are allowed by the department to practice their individual activity of choice and they are classified as casual members.
The same programme of Physical Education is prescribed for both boys and girls. The year in our Physical Education is divided into eight sessions: In the four competition seasons each Group has different activities. The programme for the competition season is as follows: (Corresponding respectively to the age groups listed)...
During the normal programme the weekly schedule for the age group between twelve to twenty five includes two days of games, two days of gymnastics, one day of athletics, one day of swimming and one day of combative sports. There are three main grounds where the most of the activities are carried out. They are: the Play Ground, the Tennis Ground and the Sports Ground; the oldest being the Play Ground. Location: Home > The Ashram > Departments > Ped > Organisation
The Ayurvedic Section

The Ayurvedic Section was opened on 22nd February 1957. This Section has a three fold activity:

1. to rejuvenate and develop the Ayurvedic Science and to train students in the science and practice of the Ayurvedic Science;
2. to prepare completely genuine and yet less expensive drugs on Ayurvedic line; and
3. to run a medical clinic.
One of the aims of the Centre of Education is to promote a new synthesis of knowledge, and in this attempt a synthesis of various systems of medicine forms an important part. The Ayurvedic Section is devoted to an experiment in this direction. Mother India, p. 200, December 1968
Phone : +91-413-233-4498 Location: Home > The Ashram > Departments > The Ayurvedic Section

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