Monday, February 18, 2008

Discover the joy of perfect health with Ketan Shah

Seven days residential workshop (April 20-26) by Ketan Shah Workshop - Discover the joy of perfect health Price : Rs. 5,500.00 Location: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Nainitaal Click here for complete schedule Contact UsEmail:

Renowned acupressure maestro Ketan Shah, is an extremely amiable and modest gentleman, who was given the maximum rating among all facilitators by the participants of the Life Positive 2007 Expo. More than 70 participants signed up for a full-length workshop with him, so fascinated were they by his knowledge of diseases, and their cure through acupressure.

A master acupressure practitioner who has healed patients suffering from Parkinson’s to cancer, Mr Shah’s passion is to empower each person to take responsibility for his own health. His workshop will give you detailed guidelines on how to use acupressure to heal, and help others heal. He will also give on-the-spot treatments for minor afflictions. An additional bonus during this residential workshop would be the sessions with Sky Yoga experts on all the days. Email to a friend Home Subscribe Art Gallery Daily Inspiration Wallpapers Submission Advertising Policy Practitioners Writers People About Contact Subscribe for Hindi Edition

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