Monday, February 25, 2008

Global Warming is real because of our dependence on fossil fuels and agriculture

State of Fear = State of Ignorance from Zaadz: ~C4Chaos' Blog

I've read State of Fear a few years ago.... The State of Fear taught me how to be more level-headed on polarizing issues -- to use critical thinking and data over emotional and fear-based arguments. As a result I'm using that same critical thinking to examine whether Crichton's approach was ethical or not. And according to this UCTV symposium, Crichton's book is scientifically unethical and irresponsible...

Don't get lost in the Climate Change debates in the U.S. media and websites. Try looking elsewhere for information (i.e. books [hint: read The Hot Topic], scientific journals, IPCC reports) and you'll see that Al Gore deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. From the perspective of the international scientific community and most industrialized countries, the science has been settled. Global Warming is a real phenomenon and humanity is a big contributor to it because of our dependence on fossil fuels and agriculture.

There are debates alright. But the debates are not whether Global Warming is real or not or whether humanity is a big contributor, but what we can (and should) do about it. The more I look into the issue of Climate Change and Global Warming the more I learn that the state of media and politics in the U.S. is lagging behind its industrialized neighbors (reminds me of the universal health care issue as well, but that's another topic). As one of my readers, Per, had eloquently put it... (Crossposted from

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  1. Years ago I read a comment by a Buddhist Llama that the sheer fact that we introducing so much extra energy into the world system altogether, via our burning of coal etc, and via nuclear energy, meant that somewhere down the line, dramatic changes in the world energy patterns WOULD occur.

    This being completely separate from the question of how much CO2 and other gases are in the atmosphere.