Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Arabindo School for Perfect Eye Sight: Summer Eye Camps at Kannur, Kozhikkod, Thrissur and Eranakulam

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It is a well known fact that the human body is not a perfect mechanism. Nature in the evolution of human tenement, has been guilty of some maladjustments. She has left behind for instance, some troublesome bits of scaffolding like the vermiform appendix. But nowhere is she supposed to have blundered so badly as in the construction of the eyes. With one accord ophthomologists tell us that the visual organ of man was never intended for the use to which it is now put.

Gift Of Nature
Eyesight is the most crucial and important among the five senses human has. He receives maximum knowledge of the world around him through sight. One deprived of the eyesight is destined to live one's entire existence in darkness thus leaving his understanding of the wonders, features and delights around him limited. This shows the importance of the sense of sight and the supreme need to protect it from any kind of impairment. We tend to take this gift of nature for granted until something begins to go wrong with it.

Eons before there were no schools or printing press, electric lights, moving pictures, the evolution of the eyes was complete. Man was a hunter, a farmer or a fighter for which he required only distant vision, where muscular responsive action of eyes was not required. Only near vision requires correct focusing. When man learned to communicate his thoughts through written and printed forms, new demands came to be assigned to the eye. When the tallow candle has been displaced by the various forms of artificial lighting, this demand upon the eyes increased. The invention of cinema, T.V., computer etc. complete the supposedly destructive process affecting at first only a few but gradually more and more.

Almost everyone in these days suffer from some form of refractive error. We are told that there is no cure and practically no preventive to deterioration of eye sight.

Almost every eye specialist of the world believes that for refractive errors there is not only no cure but practically no preventive also. We are hypnotized by the assertions of the old zughorities that we do not care to make any experiment or do some research on this subject. And if anyone comes forward to say that cases errors of refraction can be improved without glasses, we begin to doubt and discard his explanation. Such is the condition of our mind which is supposed to be scientific. A scientific mind is always open to admit a truth or a fact.

Most writers of ophthalmology appear to believe that the last word about the problems of refraction has been spoken, and according to their theories, the last word is a very depressing one. Almost every one in these days suffer from some form of refractive error. Yet we are told that there is no cure, except those optic crutches known as eye glasses and practically no preventive also. It is a fact that glasses have helped people who cannot see distant/near. But it is also true that fast deterioration in the eye sight and development of some serious complications are not prevented in the uses of glasses, injections or pills.

When sight begin to deteriorate, there must be some cause for it. And the cause is always an effort to see or strain. Glasses neutralise this effect but do not relieve the cause of trouble which continues to remain leading to the failure of the sight or other complications.

Prevention & Cure
Almost all cases of approaching blindness can be prevented by timely eye education and mental relaxation. If the children and adults are taught about the proper use of eyes and also the methods of relaxation, most of the defects of the eye would fade away in natural way without medicine. Often it is surprising how quickly the vision begins to improve by these simple methods. The rules for restoration of improper vision to normalcy through this method consist of simply following the laws which the normal eye naturally supposed to follow. These being basic are equally applicable to refraction suffered at any age of a person.

It is proved that through relaxation many cases of defective vision recovered spontaneously or changed their form of ailment. If errors of refraction are incurable they should never recover or change their form. Further experiments based on this fact has convinced beyond doubt that the lens of the eye is not the only factor in accommodation. The eye adjusts its focus for different distances just like a camera by a change in the length of organ and this alteration is brought about by the action of the external muscles. It has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal actions of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by strain or an effort to see and that with the release of this strain the action of the muscles become normal and all errors of refraction disappear. It has also been demonstrated that for every error of refraction there is a different kind of strain.

For the decline of vision at the distant or near point, the remedy is not to distant or near vision, but to get rid of the mental strain which underlines the imperfect functioning of the eye at both points. I has been proved in thousands of cases that this can be done. Fortunately all persons are able to relax under certain conditions at will.

Defective vision begin during the early school days. Children learning to read, write, draw or sew always suffer from defective vision because of the unfamiliarity of the lines or objects with which they are working. This goes unnoticed because they think that it is the way things are. Similarly people around 40 years of age find difficulty to read and write. They take it as an evil with the age and try to live with it. Those who cannot, go in for glasses. These are the two major factors which leads to many serious complications in the future.

By giving training to persons having defective vision to do certain practices which are very easy to do and at the same time proved to be very effective, all types of defective vision could be cured/improved and help them to live without glasses and that too without any medicine whatsoever.

When a child is having trouble with his eyes, the error may be slight and very little treatment is necessary to bring back to normalcy. This is equally true of people of middle age or of advanced years. The trouble be taken into soon after it appears. It is not the age of the patient but the period during which the error had been present that should be taken into consideration.

Fortunately everyone is able to relax under certain conditions at will. The patient has to attend sessions for six days - one hour each in the morning and afternoon - to practice the exercises prescribed for him/her. After these sessions patient will be given materials and guidance to continue the practice at home. Periodical reports are to be sent till normalcy is obtained and to live without glasses for the rest of their life. The practice can also be stopped forever when once normalcy is returned.

What We Offer
From early days there were specific methods called 'Yoga' practiced in India for betterment of vision. Some of the practices at times tend to give adverse results. We avoid such practices and combine all the proven methods with the methodology from ‘Naturopathy’ and other branches to maximize the benefit to the patient. At our center we help people • To prevent defective vision • To obtain normalcy to their gradually diminishing eyesight • Having Myopia, Presbyopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, Night blindness, Squint, Glaucoma, Nistagmus, Retinal disorders, Diabetic retinopathy etc. • To improve/cure their defective vision• To live without eyeglasses
And all these without any medicines!!

About Us
The Arabindo School for Perfect Eye Sight was formed in the year 1992 in a humble way to give training to people in the proper use of their eyes for the various jobs assigned so as to prevent/cure defective vision. Initially it was very difficult to convince people coming to our school about how easily their problem can be solved. Slowly but steadily people having very high defective vision who lost hope in all other methods of treatment started to come in. when they got remarkable progress in a very short time, it made them to propagate about our school attracting more and more people.

We have plans to visit educational institutions to propagate the need for eye education and mental relaxation so that defective vision can be prevented from its cradle stage. We also propose to establish a training institute to train people in this novel method so that this can be propagated in a large scale even to the remote villages. The ASPES formed under the Aurobindo Charitable Trust, Regn.No.311/96 can take up these and other projects only when the financial position improves.

From 1995 onwards we used to conduct Summer Eye Camps each lasting for 6 days at Kannur, Kozhikkod, Thrissur and Eranakulam in Kerala every year so that the poor people from far off places are also reap the benefits. We also had conducted camps twice at Mumbai, once at Delhi and Banglore. We also conducted camp at Dubai for a short period. We can conduct Eye Camps anywhere provided the infrastructure and interested persons are made available.

Every patient should undergo training one hour each both in the morning and evening sessions for 6 days. By checking the vision on the first and sixth day the improvement can be determined. After that they will be given materials and detailed instructions on how to do sessions at home. If it is convenient they can continue here till they become normal.

Generally once in a month the progress is to be reported either in person or by mail as per the format given. For those who are depending upon eye glasses, the power of the lenses are to be reduced proportionately based on the monthly progress as and when required. When the vision becomes normal, the practice can be stopped. Contact

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  1. Sir,
    Our registration number is E1748. Lakshmi has been doing her exersises regularly as told by you. However she has complained of headache after she completed her exerxise.Please send us some advice how to approach further.

  2. Dear Doctor,

    I am Ramesh, father of Pooja ,Reg no : E /1877 & Ritika ,Reg no : E/1878.

    Please be advised the following results after one month as suggested by your goodself.

    We request your self to kindly analyse & advise us accordingly.

    Pooja : E/1877 :

    Big chart with 6 metres away visibility test results :

    1.With both eyes open, only last line is not clear.

    2.With left eye alone,last line is little blurred.

    3.With right eye alone,last two lines are not clear.

    Ritika : E/ 1878 :

    1.With both eyes open, last two lines are not clear.

    2.With left eye alone,last three lines are blurred.

    3.With right eye alone,last two lines are not clear.

    Awaiting your valuable advise.

    Till such time we are continuing the exercise twice daily as advised earlier.

    Both of them are not using the spectacles.But sometimes complaining of light headache and if they wear the specs,it is getting alright.

    Best Regards,

    Ramesh Krishnaiyer

    + 971 50 6400502

  3. Hello,

    i registered with your school when you came down to Ernakulam Camp
    couple of years back.
    I would like to get that same eye exercise kit again. So kindly tell
    me how much should i sent and to which address.
    Thank You
    Jefferson Francis

  4. when will the eye exercise camp will be conducted again in Ernakulam, I want to register along with my daughter

    Thank you
    Jayachandran N

  5. Please let me know the ernakulam excercise camp for which I want to participate with my daughtre

  6. Dear Sirs,

    I have attended a camp conducted at St. Alberts Ernakulam many years ago (about 10 years)...I did the exercises for sometime...Now I would like to continue it. Please let me know when the camp will be conducted in Ernakulam as I would like to attend it with my family.

    Mobile No: 9496178506, email: littyveeren@gmail.com