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Viewing the world through the filter of our right mind

June 25th, 2008 Guest Blogger: Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor
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Everything we are capable of thinking, feeling or doing is because we have cells in our brain that perform that function. I can track a moving target because I have cells designed to do that. I can move my finger because I have cells wired specifically for that function. Once those cells are either traumatized or die, then I can no longer perform that function.

On an emotional level, I can experience anger or sadness or loneliness, because I have emotional circuitry, made up of cells that perform those functions. Equally important, I have the ability to experience deep inner peace or a connection with something that is greater than I am, because I have cells that perform those functions.

Our beautiful brain is divided into two very separate and equally important cerebral hemispheres. Each of these hemispheres process information in very different ways, thus creating for us two very different ways of looking at the world. Our right hemisphere is all about the present moment. It’s all about right here, right now. In this present moment, information in the form of energy streams in through our sensory systems and our right hemisphere creates an enormous collage about what this present moment smells like, tastes like, feels like, sounds like and looks like. In the present moment, there is no judgment placed on our experience – things are not good or bad, or right or wrong, instead they are simply relative to one another. In addition, our right hemisphere thinks in pictures and experiences the world around us as energy. As energy beings, we are at ONE with all that is, because energy cannot be separated from itself, and the underlying ‘feeling’ of our right human mind is one of deep inner peace and joy.

Our left hemisphere is a very different place, however. It is our ability to think in language – to create language and place meaning on sounds. It is our ability to understand when others speak. A portion of our language centers is the portion of our left brain that says “I am an individual”. Thanks to this circuitry and other circuitry in our left minds, we can identify the boundaries of where our bodies begin and end. Thanks to my left hemispheres I am capable of perceiving myself as a single, solid individual separate from the flow.

In the consciousness of my left hemisphere, I am capable of relating this present moment to my past moments and recall information from that past that I can apply in the present to influence how I choose in this moment to interact with the world. Because I see myself as an individual, my left mind ego center has the understanding that I am very important. It also is the home of the voice of my ‘inner critic’ or that mean little voice that has a tendency to place negative judgment on either myself or others.

There are several wonderful benefits to having two very different minds. First, we always have a choice in who and how we want to be in the world. We can choose to approach the world with a compassionate perception whereby we understand that we are connected to everything around us, where we are aware that we are the life force power of the 50 trillion beautiful molecular geniuses (cells) that make up our form.

By viewing the world through the filter of our right mind, we experience a sense of satisfaction, bliss and deep inner peace. Another advantage to having two very different anatomical machines inside our head is that we have the ability to observe and witness what is going on inside our heads. We have the power to consciously choose what we want to focus our minds on. As human beings we have the ability to realize that everything we think and feel emotionally is merely emotional circuitry, and we have the ability to choose to bring our minds back to the present moment where we can once again experience the feeling of deep inner peace.

We truly are remarkable living entities and what a privilege it is that we have the ability to co-create with one another the kind of world we yearn for. Our life is a gift and when we choose to see the blessing of what we are with gratitude in our hearts, we can live heaven on earth. home about blog episodes subscribe contact

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