Friday, August 15, 2008

The p2p approach implies an ontology and spiritual approach

from Michel Bauwens <> to "Tusar N. Mohapatra" <> cc "M. Alan Kazlev date7 August 2008 22:18

Dear Tusar,
thanks for the response, no offense taken.
Below a summary of the p2p ideas, which seem to be understood by quite a bit of people that seem less smart than yourself, so I think perhaps it is a matter of context and culture.
The p2p approach implies an ontology and spiritual approach, but is pluralistic and open to people with atheistic and secular spiritual practices.

My own approach is very congruent with the approach of John Heron, Jorge Ferrer, and I am a member of a western esoteric fraternity, however, in a western context, I do not feel you gain anything by pushing such an agenda forward, so I only communicate such matters face to face, while publicly pushing for an open/relational/participatory spirituality approach.

What matters is the loving care we express and practice through autonomy-in-cooperation, and not the different metaphysics that may be at the base of such choice. People with very different spiritual presuppositions can and do act on it, while people with similar metaphysical approaches may totally disagree on the advisability of peer to peer.

See for linkages to spiritual material,, the open spirituality debate was here, at

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