Friday, October 31, 2008

Drink seven glasses of water in empty stomach

EACH MAN IS A CASE BY HIMSELF Sri Nirmal Ch. Sahu Souvenir - SAMA Conference 2008

Each man is a case by himself because his health problems depend on his entire past, his soul’s need at present and in future. People governed mainly by physical and vital need physical aid of all kinds and we cannot be sure about their cure. Rational people can be explained about all scientific methods including the need to have balance in their food, sleep, physical exercises and medicine. For the spiritual personality, the best of all is to take shelter in spirituality.

There are two ways of curing an illness including skin problems. One consists in putting a force of consciousness and Truth on the physical spot which is affected. In this case the effect produced depends naturally on the receptivity of the person. Sri Aurobindo used to cure his disciples in this way. It was like a hand which came and took away the trouble spot.

In other cases when the body lacks receptivity altogether or is very resistant to spiritual methods doctors have to see the psychological condition of the person. The cause of illness may be vital or mental. If one can act simultaneously upon cause and effect, and the cause is sufficiently receptive to consent to change, then one is completely cured. The patient has to call peace on the spot and increase his faith in The Divine Grace! There is no disease that cannot be cured by Divine Grace.

Skin is the second physical protective layer; the first being the subtle body or the body guard of the body. In both cases punctures are caused by fear, depression, and disappointment which allows the dark forces to enter. The faith on The Divine Mother keeps it (subtle body) intact or repairs it soon. The faith in the part which is open to The Mother helps the parts which are not open. Thus the mind and the vital can help the physical parts — the cells to open to The Mother.

The descent of the Supramental Force (29.2.56) has changed the destiny of earth and men. The Force can change every thing just in one stroke, all for good. We have got to prepare ourselves so that the contact with this Force becomes possible and then to allow it to settle permanently. We shall be free from all diseases, decay and eventually death.

A Wonderful Discovery:-
Skin disease has a direct link with our digestive system. All people suffering from skin diseases have some sort of digestive problem. Thus, if the disorder in our digestive system is set right or at least kept in control the skin problem can be set right or diminished to a great extent, if the problem is not acute.

The Divine Mother has prescribed seven glasses of water in empty stomach. If one finds it difficult to drink seven glasses at a time, slowly and gradually one can increase from one to two and finally arrive at seven. A few sadhaks and sadhikas in the Ashram at Pondicherry have expressed their happiness in the current year 2008 when their digestive problem miraculously disappeared within a few weeks having followed this instruction.

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