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The Arabindo School for Perfect Eye Sight: Summer Eye Camps at Kannur, Kozhikkod, Thrissur and Eranakulam

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It is a well known fact that the human body is not a perfect mechanism. Nature in the evolution of human tenement, has been guilty of some maladjustments. She has left behind for instance, some troublesome bits of scaffolding like the vermiform appendix. But nowhere is she supposed to have blundered so badly as in the construction of the eyes. With one accord ophthomologists tell us that the visual organ of man was never intended for the use to which it is now put.

Gift Of Nature
Eyesight is the most crucial and important among the five senses human has. He receives maximum knowledge of the world around him through sight. One deprived of the eyesight is destined to live one's entire existence in darkness thus leaving his understanding of the wonders, features and delights around him limited. This shows the importance of the sense of sight and the supreme need to protect it from any kind of impairment. We tend to take this gift of nature for granted until something begins to go wrong with it.

Eons before there were no schools or printing press, electric lights, moving pictures, the evolution of the eyes was complete. Man was a hunter, a farmer or a fighter for which he required only distant vision, where muscular responsive action of eyes was not required. Only near vision requires correct focusing. When man learned to communicate his thoughts through written and printed forms, new demands came to be assigned to the eye. When the tallow candle has been displaced by the various forms of artificial lighting, this demand upon the eyes increased. The invention of cinema, T.V., computer etc. complete the supposedly destructive process affecting at first only a few but gradually more and more.

Almost everyone in these days suffer from some form of refractive error. We are told that there is no cure and practically no preventive to deterioration of eye sight.

Almost every eye specialist of the world believes that for refractive errors there is not only no cure but practically no preventive also. We are hypnotized by the assertions of the old zughorities that we do not care to make any experiment or do some research on this subject. And if anyone comes forward to say that cases errors of refraction can be improved without glasses, we begin to doubt and discard his explanation. Such is the condition of our mind which is supposed to be scientific. A scientific mind is always open to admit a truth or a fact.

Most writers of ophthalmology appear to believe that the last word about the problems of refraction has been spoken, and according to their theories, the last word is a very depressing one. Almost every one in these days suffer from some form of refractive error. Yet we are told that there is no cure, except those optic crutches known as eye glasses and practically no preventive also. It is a fact that glasses have helped people who cannot see distant/near. But it is also true that fast deterioration in the eye sight and development of some serious complications are not prevented in the uses of glasses, injections or pills.

When sight begin to deteriorate, there must be some cause for it. And the cause is always an effort to see or strain. Glasses neutralise this effect but do not relieve the cause of trouble which continues to remain leading to the failure of the sight or other complications.

Prevention & Cure
Almost all cases of approaching blindness can be prevented by timely eye education and mental relaxation. If the children and adults are taught about the proper use of eyes and also the methods of relaxation, most of the defects of the eye would fade away in natural way without medicine. Often it is surprising how quickly the vision begins to improve by these simple methods. The rules for restoration of improper vision to normalcy through this method consist of simply following the laws which the normal eye naturally supposed to follow. These being basic are equally applicable to refraction suffered at any age of a person.

It is proved that through relaxation many cases of defective vision recovered spontaneously or changed their form of ailment. If errors of refraction are incurable they should never recover or change their form. Further experiments based on this fact has convinced beyond doubt that the lens of the eye is not the only factor in accommodation. The eye adjusts its focus for different distances just like a camera by a change in the length of organ and this alteration is brought about by the action of the external muscles. It has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal actions of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by strain or an effort to see and that with the release of this strain the action of the muscles become normal and all errors of refraction disappear. It has also been demonstrated that for every error of refraction there is a different kind of strain.

For the decline of vision at the distant or near point, the remedy is not to distant or near vision, but to get rid of the mental strain which underlines the imperfect functioning of the eye at both points. I has been proved in thousands of cases that this can be done. Fortunately all persons are able to relax under certain conditions at will.

Defective vision begin during the early school days. Children learning to read, write, draw or sew always suffer from defective vision because of the unfamiliarity of the lines or objects with which they are working. This goes unnoticed because they think that it is the way things are. Similarly people around 40 years of age find difficulty to read and write. They take it as an evil with the age and try to live with it. Those who cannot, go in for glasses. These are the two major factors which leads to many serious complications in the future.

By giving training to persons having defective vision to do certain practices which are very easy to do and at the same time proved to be very effective, all types of defective vision could be cured/improved and help them to live without glasses and that too without any medicine whatsoever.

When a child is having trouble with his eyes, the error may be slight and very little treatment is necessary to bring back to normalcy. This is equally true of people of middle age or of advanced years. The trouble be taken into soon after it appears. It is not the age of the patient but the period during which the error had been present that should be taken into consideration.

Fortunately everyone is able to relax under certain conditions at will. The patient has to attend sessions for six days - one hour each in the morning and afternoon - to practice the exercises prescribed for him/her. After these sessions patient will be given materials and guidance to continue the practice at home. Periodical reports are to be sent till normalcy is obtained and to live without glasses for the rest of their life. The practice can also be stopped forever when once normalcy is returned.

What We Offer
From early days there were specific methods called 'Yoga' practiced in India for betterment of vision. Some of the practices at times tend to give adverse results. We avoid such practices and combine all the proven methods with the methodology from ‘Naturopathy’ and other branches to maximize the benefit to the patient. At our center we help people • To prevent defective vision • To obtain normalcy to their gradually diminishing eyesight • Having Myopia, Presbyopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, Amblyopia, Night blindness, Squint, Glaucoma, Nistagmus, Retinal disorders, Diabetic retinopathy etc. • To improve/cure their defective vision• To live without eyeglasses
And all these without any medicines!!

About Us
The Arabindo School for Perfect Eye Sight was formed in the year 1992 in a humble way to give training to people in the proper use of their eyes for the various jobs assigned so as to prevent/cure defective vision. Initially it was very difficult to convince people coming to our school about how easily their problem can be solved. Slowly but steadily people having very high defective vision who lost hope in all other methods of treatment started to come in. when they got remarkable progress in a very short time, it made them to propagate about our school attracting more and more people.

We have plans to visit educational institutions to propagate the need for eye education and mental relaxation so that defective vision can be prevented from its cradle stage. We also propose to establish a training institute to train people in this novel method so that this can be propagated in a large scale even to the remote villages. The ASPES formed under the Aurobindo Charitable Trust, Regn.No.311/96 can take up these and other projects only when the financial position improves.

From 1995 onwards we used to conduct Summer Eye Camps each lasting for 6 days at Kannur, Kozhikkod, Thrissur and Eranakulam in Kerala every year so that the poor people from far off places are also reap the benefits. We also had conducted camps twice at Mumbai, once at Delhi and Banglore. We also conducted camp at Dubai for a short period. We can conduct Eye Camps anywhere provided the infrastructure and interested persons are made available.

Every patient should undergo training one hour each both in the morning and evening sessions for 6 days. By checking the vision on the first and sixth day the improvement can be determined. After that they will be given materials and detailed instructions on how to do sessions at home. If it is convenient they can continue here till they become normal.

Generally once in a month the progress is to be reported either in person or by mail as per the format given. For those who are depending upon eye glasses, the power of the lenses are to be reduced proportionately based on the monthly progress as and when required. When the vision becomes normal, the practice can be stopped. Contact

Voice: +91 471 2477730 +91 471 2475762 Fax: +91 471 2477250 Email:

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Complex houses a Gymnasium open to members and public


Sri Aurobindo Complex houses a
(a) a state of the art Gymnasium open to members and public
(b) a modern offset printing press for printing and publishming "Akhila Bharat Patrika", a monthly kannada magazine propagating Sri Aurobindo's immortal message
(c) a large hexagonal cultural hall with yogasanas, dance, drawing, music etc., are taught besides having a permanent exhibition hall for the display of photos and works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It also houses a hexagonal 88 feet tall "Sri Aurobindo Meditation Hall" symbolising Sri Aurobindo uplifting the Mother Earth to the Supramental Truth and Light


ALL MONDAYS Collective Meditation 10.30 A.M.
I & III THURSDAYS Weekly Discourse on "SAVITRI" 10.30 A.M.
ALL FRIDAYS Weekly Discourse on "Prayers & Meditation" 5.00 P.M.
ALL SATURDAYS Patha Chakra (Study Circle) 10.30 A.M.
MSFNA ALL WEDNESDAYS Sanskrit classes for Teachers

Sri Aurobindo Marg, J.P.Nagar I Phase, Bangalore-560 078
Ph: 91-080-26349882, Website:
www.newrace.org , Email: sactmsf@vsnl.net

Alchemy: an Integral Health Centre, New Delhi/ Gurgaon

Health Centre: Alchemy
Facilities Classes The Team Photo Gallery Alchemy: an Integral Health Centre
Good health is the exterior expression of an inner harmony.The Mother
On 18th November, 2007, the Gnostic Centre inaugurated its integral health centre, Alchemy, with the following facilities:
• Gym
The Gym is equipped with equipment for Cardio-vascular and Strength training. The Fitness Instructor, Durjee, helps the members to work out an individual exercises programme based on their physical condition and individual needs.

You can sign up for a monthly membership to begin with, and renew it for one year. Couple memberships (for husband-wife) come with a discount.

The Gym timings are: 6.30am to 1.00pm; 4.00pm to 8.00pm - closed on Mondays only.

• Yoga Studio
Presently we have weekly Yogasana & Pranayama classes on Sundays, 7.30am to 8.30am.

• Massage Centre (for females only)
• Simple Body Massage: A deep pressure point massage to revitalise the body and mind • Aromatherapy Body Massage: Utilises the power of especially blended pure essential oils to relax and detoxify; This massage soothes and energises.... soothes the muscles and relaxes the body... especially after a day of hard work or long hours of inactivity. • Face Massage: Utilises the power of especially blended pure essential oils. • Head Massage: Deep pressure point scalp massage to revitalise body and mind, and recondition the hair. • Feet Massage: Deep pressure point massage on specific energy centres on the feet, which correspond to the internal organs of the body.
Massages are by appointment only.

• Steam bath
• Children’s Fitness classes
Special classes in physical fitness are offered for children (age groups 4-8 and 8-12), combining movements, exercises, yogasanas, games, with music and rhythm, with a view to develop strength, stamina, balance, coordination, grace, flexibility.
• Health Food Café
Enjoy a healthy snack at our Café in a unique setting, overlooking the horse farm. You can also order take-aways.
• Wholewheat Cakes & Cookies
• Wholewheat Breads
• Flower & Healthy Syrups
• Fresh Fruit Jams
• Quiche, Bakes, Pies, Tarts, Sandwiches, etc.
The Café is open from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm; 4.00 pm to 6.30 pm - closed on Mondays only.
• Workshops on Health
Realising the intimate connection between inner and outer well-being, at Alchemy we provide facilities for establishing health in the physical as well as the psychological being. Towards this end we offer workshops in meditation, art of healthy living, de-stressing, to enable a deeper exploration into the inner dimensions of health.

Health is the outer expression of a deep harmony; one must be proud of it and not despise it.
The Mother

Contact Alchemy, The Gnostic Centre Tel: (011) 28063060, 28063070, 9810052545, 9810493245 E-mail: gnostic@gnosticcentre.com ; Website: www.gnosticcentre.com Site address: 21-A, Palam Farms, Shalapur, Bijwasan, New Delhi 110060 (near Sector 23 Mother Dairy, Gurgaon) Postal address: H-401, Som Vihar Apts, Sangam Marg, New Delhi 110022

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Education of the whole person

Michael Murphy Helped Launch Human Potential Movement More Than 40 Years Ago
By Adam Phillips 23 April 2008

Michael Murphy is an author, intellectual and citizen-diplomat. He's also co-founder of California's Esalen Institute, which is widely regarded as the birthplace of the Human Potential Movement. VOA's Adam Phillips has a profile.

Michael Murphy had a passing acquaintance with Big Sur, California, the rugged area of Pacific coastline where, during his childhood, his family had owned some land with hot-spring mineral baths. But it was not until 1962, in his early 30s, that Murphy returned to Big Sur. He had completed nearly two years in India at the ashram of the Hindu philosopher, Sri Aurobindo. On fire with the idea of marrying Eastern and Western thought, Murphy drew up plans to open a holistic, mind-body center that he called Esalen.

"One of our basic ideas was the education of the whole person," Murphy says. "I had a particular interest in the body's role in personal development alongside spiritual development, emotional development, and intellectual development. The sky is the limit." ...

Today, with terrorism a global concern, the teachers at the Esalen Institute promote workshops in the psychology of enmity and reconciliation between Muslims, Christians and Jews. Esalen founder Michael Murphy says that world peace and understanding are front-and-center goals for him now – logical extensions, it seems, of his lifelong fascination with the greatness of human potential.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sri Aurobindo Medical Association of Orissa

News: In Mother’s Light AUGUST 15, 2004

Sri Aurobindo Medical Association of Orissa is going to observe its 15th Annual Conference on 12th September 2004 at Matrubhaban, Cuttack. The theme of the Conference is "Holistic Approach to Diabetes. Dr. Bisht, the former physician of The Mother will be the Guest of Honour.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

In Auroville I have had the amazing opportunity to eat locally

I also know that the way the average American, and more specifically, the average American student going to university (if we can call anybody average) has a lifestyle that is in one way or another disintegrating their mind and body. Be it alcohol, gorging on pizza, classes, a relationship, a group of friends, etc. we are absolutely running ourselves (mind, body, soul) into the ground. When comparing the college lifestyle to the routine I have come into now I can’t even recognize who I was before. I feel that in this place I am capable of “just living” as opposed to constantly distracting myself with tasks, people, and substances...

The first thing to consider, as I always tend to do, is the way I eat. All of my research (through literature, internet, and real-life experience) has been based around the topic of food. In Auroville I have had the amazing opportunity to eat locally. This is something that had already become important to me in the states but that seemed harder to follow through with there (mostly due to the convenience of grocery stores that have absolutely everything). In Amherst MA it is quite feasible to continue eating local foods. I am therefore determined to refocus myself in terms of where the food I eat comes from, hitting up the farmers markets, looking into the community supported agriculture in my area, and simply reading labels.

I have also started to analyze what food I eat. Going to “Peas verses pills” yesterday, a workshop sure to convince its students to change their eating habits, I was nearly persuaded to give up meat and dairy. Coming straight to Sadhana, a project that only serves Vegan meals, I was given the perfect opportunity to practice. Here I have been doing fine on the diet, but I cannot say assuredly that I will stick to this veg-based diet. The workshop has certainly affected my mindset though, and I am committed to severely lessening the meat and dairy products in my diet. I feel comfortable with this commitment and feel now that I can find the support I need (mainly the recipes) to be mostly vegan/vegetarian. I see now that not only does it destroy the environment and is completely inhumane for animals, but it also affects my body and mind...Posted by Kelly Robyn at 6:59 AM

Friday, April 18, 2008

Begin at the bottom of the environmental pyramid – by farming trees

Outside My Window... Is A Tree from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik

The house in which we live in Goa has a tall TEAK tree growing straight and proud in the middle of the garden. Yet, our doors and windows are made out of the wood of the jackfruit tree – they call it 'jackwood' here – because teak is unaffordable. Jackwood invariably warps. Our doors and windows do not shut properly. There is only one reason why teak costs so much here, where it grows wild: government restrictions. I cannot cut down the teak tree growing on my own property: I need permission from the State.

I have seen this phenomenon in other parts of the Western Ghats too: for example, in Coorg, where a coffee estate owner complained to me that he could not cut rosewood and ebony trees growing on his estate. Even mahogany grows naturally here. So, while I am in full sympathy with Barun Mitra's crusade to save the tiger by farming it, I do believe these arguments will ring true only if we begin at the bottom of the environmental pyramid – by farming trees.

As far as wildlife is concerned, instead of beginning with tigers, we could begin with deer and wild boar. Deer can be easily bred in ranches. So can wild boar. When these efforts at commercializing timber as well as wildlife succeed, the arguments for farming tigers will be better received. In the meantime, do reflect on the fact that the most valuable tree in the world – sandalwood – can also be easily farmed in this region.

When Veerappan was murdered in cold blood by the Karnataka police, I was the only one to call for free-market sandalwood farming. These are the best ways of preserving nature and taking the profit out of poaching. Think about it.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Alcohol is not discussed in "politically correct" discourse

Feni's In the Air from ANTIDOTE by Sauvik
It is the cashew season in Goa. As the fruit ripens on the trees, the air in my little village smells of feni. Feni is an alcoholic drink distilled from the fermented fruit of the cashew... The ban on the trade of feni within India is an example of "real knowledge" going waste, thanks to the senseless restrictions imposed by a government that is desperate to "educate" the apparently stupid people. The funny thing is that not a single Goan politician talks about this. That, I presume, is because alcohol is not discussed in their "politically correct" discourse. Once again, the only solution lies in Liberty. In the meantime, I am enjoying the smell of feni that is wafting through the air of my little Goan village, morning, noon and night. Eat your hearts out, cityfolk. And when you drink that horrid IMFL this evening, dream of feni and urak.
Yet, dreaming is not enough: you must fight for freedom.

Three years of The Middle Stage from The Middle Stage by Chandrahas
I am 28 now — I dream of being rich and drinking champagne everyday now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why humanity has so profoundly forsaken the obvious benefits of mutualism

1. April 8th,2008 10:23 pm
Dear Olivia,
As is your habit in these lovely essays, you stick scrupulously to the fine points of your scientific analysis and leave it to your readers to apply your lessons to the deep dilemmas of modern mankind.
Let us begin by acknowledging that homo sapiens is fully capable of entering into long term mutualistic arrangements with other species. Man and dog is the most conspicuous of these alliances, a form of mutualism with roots that may be as ancient as two hundred thousand years.
The deeper question your essay implicitly raises is why humanity has so profoundly forsaken the obvious benefits of mutualism in favor of an extreme form of dominance over all other species. The short term benefits of this dominance are clearly at odds with the evolutionary catastrophe we are in the process of precipitating.
Let us hope that one day you will focus your theoretical prowess on that tragic paradox, and maybe even point the way toward a solution to it.
— Posted by David Moody

4. April 9th,2008 1:11 am
Symbiosis, or mutualism, is one of my favorite scientific subjects. Recently I have become aware of the extent to which humans depend on the beneficial gut bacteria for both digestion and immune function–and these same bacteria may explain why some people like chocolate and others do not. Intestinal worms, previously thought to be parasitic only, seem to have a modulatory effect on the immune system, staving off allergies, asthma, and some autoimmune disorders. Makes one wonder what other “disorders” have hidden medical benefits.
As you mentioned, you could go on forever talking about mutualisms, but you did omit one of my favorites. It’s another one involving ants and fungi, but parasitic rather than symbiotic. In this case, the fungus infects the ant’s brain, causing it to climb to the highest treetop where it is essentially petrified and dies. Then the fungus consumes the ant’s body, and the spores are dispersed from an optimal location, high above the ground.
I don’t have complete citations, but in the spirit of your detailed references I feel obliged to provide some supporting info. The parasitic fungus is cordyceps. The paper about the correlation between liking/disliking chocolate and metabolism is “Human Metabolic Phenotypes Link Directly to Specific Dietary Preferences in Healthy Individuals” by Rezzi et al. Dr. Joel Weinstock, at the University of Iowa, has done research on using pig whipworm eggs as treatment for inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and Crohn’s disease.
— Posted by Aurelio Ramirez

Sunday, April 06, 2008

An event that will reignite and rekindle in our hearts a remembering, and renewal of our true aim in Auroville

The Unity Kolam ceremony
At the initiative of Auroville International, the bonfire event of February 28th witnessed an unusual spectacle. When the bonfire was over, the sounds of gongs announced a special event. White-dressed children walking in a beeline brought candles to the urn in the amphitheatre, then walked down to the base of the urn to deposit a handful of earth in a container placed in the middle of the Auroville symbol.
“It is the result of our aspiration to create an event that will reignite and rekindle in our hearts a remembering, and renewal of our true aim in Auroville to unite the earth for humanity as a whole,” wrote Auroville International in the News and Notes to explain the event. “Over the last few months, people from around the world – friends and supporters of Auroville – have been responding to a call to send samples of earth.” Over 120 samples from all over the planet have been collected from places including Mt Kailash, Easter Islands , City of Akhentaten and from land in the Netherlands that once was below the sea! The places where samples have been collected are highlighted – often with a photo and description – on a special website created to profile this event: http://www.humanunity.info/.
Early morning of the Golden Day, February 29th, the day commemorating the descent of the supramental consciousness, the soils were combined as a symbolic gesture of a unified earth. The samples were e packed into Auroville-made gift cards and distributed as an out-reaching gesture to the world which has supported and nurtured the vision of Auroville since it began 40 years ago.
See more images of the event in the photo gallery See also the page on this website

Understanding what your body is trying to tell you and responding accordingly

Peas vs Pills – 6th April, Quiet Healing Centre, Aurovillle ::: 9:30 AM
A one-day workshop that will empower you to reclaim responsibility for your health

Nature’s wisdom surpasses that of any doctor. Learn how you can PREVENT and CURE most illness’, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, cancer, digestive problems, menstrual and menopausal problems, joint pains and backaches, psychological problems and more just by
Understanding what your body is trying to tell you and responding accordingly.
Understanding what would be the healthy diet for a human being and learning how to prepare tasteful, healthy meals that heal.
Understanding your role in the design of the universe.

This workshop is about healing yourself and others through the understanding of the human anatomy and physiology and nature’s laws. The workshop includes, breakfast, lunch and a small snack. Advance booking is a must. Seats are limited to 35. Timings: 9.30 am – 5 pm
The workshop will be conducted by Dr Nandita Shah
The workshop is being specially conducted for a group of American students but is open to all. This is definitely the last workshop this season. To reserve your place, call Quiet 2622646, 2622329, quiet@auroville.org.in or email Nandita shahnandi@gmail.com posted by Nandita

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Integral Healing by Sri Aurobindo & The Mother

Books › "Sri Aurobindo"
133. The Ideal Of The Karmayogin by Sri Aurobindo Ghose (Hardcover - Jul 25, 2007)
Buy new: $35.95 $27.32 7 Used & new from $24.43
Other Editions: Paperback
134. Essays on the Gita First Series by Sri Aurobindo (Hardcover - 1950)
1 Used & new from $15.95
135. The Human Cycle, The Ideal of Human Unity, War and Self-Determination by Sri Aurobindo (Hardcover - 1971)
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136. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on Meditation by Sri and the Mother; Compiled By Vijay Aurobindo (Pamphlet - 1972)
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137. More Lights on Yoga by Sri Aurobindo (Hardcover - 1948)
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138. The Renaissance in India and Other Essays on Indian Culture by Sri Aurobindo (Paperback - 2002)
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139. Integral Healing by Sri Aurobindo & The Mother (Paperback - Oct 28, 2005)
11 Used & new from $6.90
140. Stufen Der Vollendung by Sri Aurobindo (Hardcover - 1975)
1 Used & new from $25.00
141. The Riddle of This World by Sri Aurobindo (Paperback - 1951)
1 Used & new from $9.60
142. La Vida Divina Libro II la Conciencia Infinita y la Ignoranca by Aurobindo Sri (Paperback - Sep 2004)
3 Used & new from $51.98
143. ON YOGA II Two Volumes by Sri Aurobindo (Hardcover - 1958)
1 Used & new from $72.50
144. Talks with Sri Aurobindo Part II by Sri Aurobindo; Nirodbaran (Hardcover - 1971)
1 Used & new from $27.50

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

There is no evidence that climate change has caused an increase in disease

The Civil Society Report on Climate Change, produced by a coalition of over 40 civil society organisations from around the world (CSCCC), concludes:

  • Cutting greenhouse gas emissions in the coming two decades is not a cost-effective way to address climate change.
  • Deaths from climate related natural disasters have fallen dramatically since the 1920s, as a result of economic growth and technological development. With continued economic growth, the death rate is likely to continue to fall regardless of climate change. (The number of reported natural disasters has increased continuously since 1900 for various reasons, including population growth and improvements in communication; climate change is most likely not one of them.)
  • There is no evidence that climate change has caused an increase in disease. If the main causes of diseases such as diarrhoea and malaria are properly addressed, climate change will not increase their incidence.
  • Agricultural production has outpaced population growth in the past 50 years. With continued technological improvements, this trend will continue to 2100, even if the global mean temperature rises by 3°C.
  • Water scarcity is a problem in many countries, but with better management and modern technologies, more water can made be available to all.
  • Millions of people in poor countries currently die unnecessarily due to a lack of wealth and technology. These problems have generally been exacerbated – not alleviated – by foreign aid, which has supported unaccountable governments that have oppressed their citizens, denying them the ability to improve their lot.
  • Global restrictions on greenhouse gases would undermine the capacity of people in poor countries to address the problems they face today as well as in the future by retarding economic growth and general economic development.
  • Instead of pushing emissions restrictions and failed ‘aid’ policies, governments should focus on reducing barriers to economic growth and adaptation – e.g. removing trade barriers and decentralising management of water and land.

For more information, please see the details on the Liberty Institute web site And the Civil Society Coalition on Climate Change (CSCCC) www.csccc.info Author: Liberty Institute is an independent think tank based in New Delhi. © In Defence of Liberty