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One of the problems in India is the waste management, which is to say, they have none

musings... Monday, April 20, 2009
Earthday celebrations in Auroville, and a commentary on the weather...

iGoogle tells me it is currently 99 degrees in Pondicherry, with a humidity of 42%. With a humidity that low, it can be called a dry day. True story. iGoogle also tells me that it is currently 39 degrees in Colorado Springs, with a 54% humidity. I question the validity of the humidity reading, but i do not question the temperature at all. Consequently, i am melting into a puddle of goop, much like the paper pulp we played with in English class today.

In honor of Earthday, and as a way of doing something with the load of scrap paper in our classroom, we made home-made paper today by mixing paper bits with water over the weekend, and mixing it with a hand-held blender before putting the goop onto little round screens and pressing it down into something resembling paper. The result will be lumpy and slightly gray, as we used paper with mostly black print on it, but it was good fun to make, and a nice way to spend the afternoon. We have two weeks of school left, so it's totally time to spend our energy doing art projects in English class. No more grammar for me.

Auroville had a big Earthday celebration on Saturday. In the morning I went with some of the students from the school to pick up trash in the cashew fields. We filled half a dozen bags in an hour or so. Big bags. Lots of trash. Also lots of sun. Joy oh joy. When we finished, the kids asked "Will we pick up trash next weekend too?" to which i had to say, "No." Two weeks in a row of picking up trash at nine am in the morning is enough for me, and the kids will have ample opportunity to clean up their environment without the assistance of me on a Saturday morning. One of the problems in India is the waste management, which is to say, they have none. And dumping your trash on the road side is sort of the standard method of disposal. It's not particularly sanitary.

Later in the day on Saturday there was a concert that i started to help set up, but then i was viciously attacked by a rogue piece of metal that fell down from the grid at the auditorium, and so i was out for the count. I have a gouge by my right eye, but two days later it's looking quite nice, and i don't think it will scar. The way to assure that is to keep it cleaned and covered, of course, and so i will spend the next eleven days with a band-aid next to my eye. It will be the source of many questions, i'm sure.

The Earthday concert was good hippy fun. It was "world music" which is code for "hippy love the earth-mother music." As i say, good hippy fun. I really enjoyed the show, especially because it was a live show. I really will miss all the free concerts i'm able to attend here. Cover charge? What's that? It's pretty neat. Before the concert, there was a delicious vegan dinner at the Visitor's Center, which i enjoyed. They had an almond fig cake that was delicious.

And now it's Monday evening, and windy outside. Hopefully the wind is blowing in a storm, or at least circulating some of that ridiculously hot air. 99 degrees. Ugh. Sleeping tonight should be hot. be well. om shanti shanti shanti Posted by sally at 5:49 AM

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