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Health & Healing in Yoga

Techniques for Health [pranayama] - words from the Mother...
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The Mother and Sri Aurobindo never endorsed any particular techniques, as They did not wish their Yoga to become a rigid system, or for their disciples to promote any techniques in particular. They prefered to discuss questions of health on an individual basis, oe within the system of Ashram Education.

However, with this caution in mind, if one reads carefully, widely and deeply, one will find some practical suggestions for physical health and how to train mind/body. Of course with techniques such as pranyama, a qualified teacher is important. Having said that, calm, slow deep breathing does steady the mind and boost the health.

There is an excellent little book called Health & Healing in Yoga, compilation of the Mothers answers to particular questions related to health, the consciousness of the body, ways of relaxation etc. Tags: cautions, mother, pranyama, satprem, suggestions

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