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Man is the most discontented, because he feels most the pressure of limitations

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Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga has enormous implications for the time we find ourselves in. As we systematically destroy the basis of life on the planet, and wall off one another through ultimate fragmentation, we are left with the stark contrast of choosing between survival and destruction, life and death, growth or decline. Sri Aurobindo recognizes the necessity of the individual within the context of the collectivity, universality and the transcendent consciousness of Oneness. The individual is the nexus or hub of the evolutionary urge, but not separate from nor at the expense of the life of the cosmic whole.

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Man’s Greatness Lies in His Discontent By sriaurobindostudies

Life brings to man the urge to exceed himself, while dealing with the colliding and conflicting whirl of energies that sweep him along and provide him the impetus and the impulse for self exceeding. Out of the conflict and chaos, some higher order or harmony needs to be worked out. Man’s role is not simply to recreate some kind of self-satisfied balance between life and being, avoiding conflict, and wallowing in the fulfillment of desires, but to seek a higher good, a more perfect being, the realization of an as yet unknown ideal. “But man cannot rest permanently until he reaches some highest good. He is the greatest of living beings because he is the most discontented, because he feels most the pressure of limitations.”

reference: Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, Chapter 6, Man in the Universe

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Man’s Greatness Lies in His Discontent
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Sri Aurobindo. for detailed and systematic study of The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo join us at daily new
5 hours ago
Sri Aurobindo. process involves moving from the sevenfold ignorance toward the sevenfold knowledge. this leads to an integral knowledge.
5 hours ago
ayurveda. kapha adjustment to motivate. pitta adjustment to reduce strain. vata adjustment to ground the body. 5 hours ago
Sri Aurobindo. physical, vital and mental levels are taken up and transformed as they are taken up by the spiritual energies at work.
1 day ago
ayurveda. hatha yoga should not strain, so physical condition needs to be evaluated & poses adjusted and extended over time.
1 day ago
Sri Aurobindo. process is heightening to achieve new realization, then widening and integralisation to make it stable for the lower levels
2 days ago
ayurveda. kapha benefits from hatha yoga that is warming and that adds flexibility, & supports function of lungs. such as bends & breathing
2 days ago
Sri Aurobindo. not sufficient to simply experience higher consciousness, to live in a state of bliss disconnected from life, but to live it
3 days ago
ayurveda. pitta benefits from hatha yoga that is cooling, supports the function of the liver and that reduces stress. such as corpse, fish
3 days ago
ayurveda. vata benefits from hatha yoga that provides balance and grounding and works on colon or intestines, such as backward bend, plow
4 days ago