Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Auroville Foundation purchased 7.40 acres while 5.91 acres were secured by way of land exchange

Thoorigai Written by Miriam Tuesday, 17 November 2009
On Saturday the 14th of November in Gallery Square Circle at Kala Kendra an exhibition of Tamil artist Anbazhagan was inaugurated. The event started with a short performance by Mohanam Sound Crew. Thoorigai is the title of the artist's opus focused on his own symbolic world and life. In English the word means something like “Journey Toward Colorful Soil”, and on beautiful, mostly oil on canvas paintings, we can clearly see India in its rich textures. From the soil to the fine ornaments of daily life, from people in their motions to vast symbolism. Interview with Anbazhagan is in Tamil. To download the magazine clich here

A Guest Shares Her Experience Written by Radio Team Monday, 16 November 2009
Today's news features an interview with a guest from Belgium, who shares her impressions, what she has experienced and what she feels. Also there's a notice from the newly formed Entry Service which has been processing a great number of pending Newcomer requests since its re-opening two weeks ago. Plus news of an Auroville International Meeting which will take place in Bhubaneswar, Orissa 1st to the 6th of February 2010. To download the news cick here.

Resources & education Written by Radio Team Monday, 16 November 2009
On 19 September Vikram, Martin and Harini presented the results of a socio-economic survey conducted over the last year. The focus on this survey was mainly on youth of Auroville and on commercial activities. Part of the research also centered on the expectations of young Aurovilians residing in the city and the capital need to implement projects in order to create new job opportunities. The important role of education and to achieve higher standards was one of the results of this research. In the second part, an interaction between the researchers and the audience made this presentation rich in answers as well as in unanswered questions.Can a survey made on 12% of the commercial units give a precise figure of Auroville's actual economy? That may or may not be the case, but the value remains as an important research completed. To download the presentation click here for the part one, here fort the part two.

Land Annual Report Written by Radio Team Sunday, 15 November 2009
During the period under review, Auroville Foundation purchased 7.40 acres in the planned township area while 5.91 acres were secured by way of land exchange with the unutilized land outside the planned township area. Of the total 13.31 acres that were secured during the year, 11.86 were in the Green Belt and 1.45 in the City Area of Auroville. An amount of Rs. 46,72,695 was received by way of offerings and donations from friends and well-wishers of Auroville as well as from guests and residents of Auroville. Cick here to downaload the full report as pdf.

Harmony, peace and unity Written by Miriam Saturday, 14 November 2009
Second meeting of Asian Unity was held at Pitanga, and as East Asian traditions are, it started with excellent tea, and quiet conversation of arriving guests. From the first meeting in September things started to move for Asian community, and many plans are in the progress. On 17,5 acers of land in Iternational zone proposed for Asia, idea came up to sart to build at least small Tea pavillion with which they could establish Asian zone, and could been used as a place for meeting, for meditation and tea ceremonies. In Asian culture tea ceremony is important part of the culture, it's related to art in general; important part of it is spritual passage without religious projections. To download this program click here.

Rainwater, Lake Water Written by Marlenka Friday, 13 November 2009
Today's news presents first a few words from Sauro of l'Avenir on water: the proposed water body on the grounds of Matrimandir. And an announcement from Auroville's Youth Centre, also known as Peaceful City, which is in the planning stage of holding a youth event in Auroville this coming March 2010. Anima Mundi (Latin for cosmic breath, the world soul, the life force, the spirit of nature) is the name of the Auroville World Youth Event. To downlod the news click here

A vision for Universal Design Written by Rose Thursday, 12 November 2009
The first and second day of a three-day workshop focusing on Universal Design, the emerging global trend which aims to create environments with greater access for people with special needs. Topics for discussion include the different challenges faced by those with disabilities in Auroville today, and how existing designs should be adapted to make our surroundings more user-friendly. Also on the agenda are Professional Access Audits, which judge the accessibility of existing structures. Introduction with music, followed by a Q&A session. Hosted in association with the National Centre for Accessible Environments, New Delhi. o download the day one click here.To download the day two click here.

Land, Housing in the Monsoon Written by Marlenka Friday, 06 November 2009
Today's news includes several topics: the housing situation still in crisis mode, lands required to fill in the existing city-in-the-making not yet acquired, interfacing happening with PondyCan (Pondicherry Citizens Action Network) to find solutions to the rapid erosion of the beach at Quiet and, a joint offering by the University of Human Unity and the educational program 'Living Routes―Auroville' offering an Integral Sustainability Seminar Series on various sustainable practices in Auroville, with the topic Nutrition: organic farming, agricultural activities, Foodlink, Holistic Food Systems and Raw Food Philosophy on offer this week. To download the news click here.

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