Sunday, December 13, 2009

Universal philosophy, universal design

Accessible Auroville
Report of the 3-day workshop held from 30 October 2009 – 1 November 2009: This workshop led by Samarthyam, National Centre for Accessible Environments, Delhi based organization's access experts Ms. Anjlee Agarwal, Mr. Ashwani Kumar and Mr. Debabrata Chakravarti. [...]

Visit to Sadhana Forest
The team went to visit different places in Auroville like Bharat Nivas, Savitri Bhavan, Sadhana Forest and Matrimandir and in each of these places appreciated the different details, but also offered valid and pertinent suggestions as part of their access audit exercise. The fact that the Government of India has brought out various laws and regulations for building guidelines regarding accessibility, it was urged by the Samarthyam team that it would be best if Auroville could also develop its own guidelines (some Codes on essential accessible elements in the buildings) in the near future.

That Auroville is envisaged as a city with a universal philosophy that encompasses all aspects of society and culture, having an environment accessible to its entire people, is also part of the universal design concept – including people who have reduced mobility due to various reasons or with specific disabilities. Also physical barriers can always be removed or changed, but the main blockages from mental barriers through our own attitudes are what we will have to address before looking at the physical barriers – to asses our own sensitivities to barriers. Susmita New Abilities Link - Accessible Auroville Home > Health > Accessible Auroville Matrimandir access audit report Town Hall access audit report

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