Thursday, January 07, 2010

Interaction with leading professionals in the field of Integrated Planning and Design

Visit of leading Design and Planning professionals
An exceptional opportunity for an Interaction with leading Design & Planning Professionals
2 sessions - Note the dates
9th of January (Saturday)
5:30 to 7:30 pm and
10th of January (Sunday)
11:00 am to 12.30 pm
Town Hall Conference Room

L’avenir d’Auroville is happy to inform all that we will have a very special opportunity to listen and have interaction with some of the world’s leading professionals in the field of Integrated Planning and Design. Mr. Aromar Revi, a leading professional, friend of Auroville and an Advisory Committee member of L’avenir d’Auroville, who is working with the team below to build a base for the proposed Indian Institute of Human Settlements has kindly offered to bring a delegation comprising –

1. Aromar Revi, Director, Indian Institute for Human Settlements
2. Peter Head, Director, Arup & Global Head of Planning
3. Malcolm Smith, Director, Arup & Head of Integrated Planning
4. Sebastian Moffat, President, Consensus Institute
5. Sanjay Prakash, Senior Advisor, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Principal Consultant, Sanjay Prakash & Associates
6. Mohan Rao, Senior Advisor, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, Partner, Integrated Design
7. Kavita Wankhade, Project Manger and Consultant, Indian Institute for Human Settlements
8. Prashant Dhawan, Consultant IIHS and Campus Project Manager
9. Krishnachandran Balakrishnan, Consultant IIHS and Ecological Planner
10. Subasri Krishnan, Consultant IIHS and independent Film maker

These professionals are in the front line of practice and action research in the fields of Integrated Planning & Design; Ecological Planning; Sustainable Urban Design and Architecture. Short CVs & work links of the some of the mentioned visiting experts are provided below. We are aware that the this programme falls on a Saturday & Sunday but it is one of those rare opportunities when one can have such experts under one roof in short span of time. Not to be missed!

We plan to have presentations followed by interaction with all. 1st session (on 9th Jan, Saturday) is an open event and the 2nd one (10th Jan, Sunday) is intended more for the designer & researcher community of Auroville for a more in-depth interaction.

Thanks and regards – L’avenir d’Auroville 

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Brief Bio of some of the visiting team members

Aromar Revi
Director, Indian Institute for Human Settlements 
Aromar Revi is an international consultant, practitioner and researcher with over two decades of inter-disciplinary experience in public policy and governance, the political economy of reform, development, technology and sustainability. He is a founding Director of TARU, a leading South Asian research-consulting firm. He has been a senior advisor to various ministries of the Government of India, including the national Planning Commission and consulted with the World Bank. 
Peter Head
Director, Arup & Global Head of Planning 
Peter Head is a champion for developing global practice that demonstrates that the way we invest public and private money in the built environment could be made very much more effective if the public and private sector adopted sustainable development principles.  
Malcolm Smith 
Director, Arup & Head of Integrated Planning 
Malcolm Smith is the Design Director of Arup Urban Design. He joined Arup after completing his Masters degree in Architecture at Yale University . Prior to undertaking his Masters, Malcolm worked in Australia on a wide range of projects including waterfront development, tertiary education buildings, entertainment and arts facilities. He has led a wide range of urban design projects both in the United Kingdom and internationally that have sustainable place making at their core.
 Sebastian Moffat 
President, Consensus Institute 
Sebastian Moffatt is the founder of The Sheltair Group – a Vancouver-based firm with a 25-year history of developing integrated and sustainable approaches to urban planning, building engineering and resource management 
Sanjay Prakash 
Senior Advisor, Indian Institute for Human Settlements
Principal Consultant, Sanjay Prakash & Associates 
Sanjay Prakash is an architect and designer with a commitment to energy conscious architecture, environmentally friendly design and community-led planning. Over the years, he has progressively integrated the practice of new urbanism and sustainability into his professional and personal life. He has been associated with the conceptualisation of the IIHS since its early origins. 
Mohan Rao
Senior Advisor, Indian Institute for Human Settlements
Partner, Integrated Design 
Mohan Rao holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Bangalore University and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi . He is an Environmental Design & Landscape architecture professional, is partner at Integrated Design (INDE), a multi-disciplinary consultancy practice in regional planning, environmental design and landscape architecture.
Kavita Wankhade
Project Manger and Consultant, Indian Institute for Human Settlements 
Kavita Wankhade is an architect and urban designer by training. She has pursued her  B.Arch degree from School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and MSc in City Design and Social Science from London School of Economics, UK. 

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