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My spirits were lifted when I saw the composting tubs, the recycling facilities

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Four days ago we left Auroville and travelled east to the Ghat mountains to a hill-station called Kodai. Many of the wealthier Aurovillian children come to a boarding school in Kodai and it was because of their fond words about the place that we decided to go.
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Her experience there, working at
Sadhana Forest, a sustainableliving community on the outskirts ofAuroville, Tamil Nadu, India, was life-changing for the Camarillo native. When she returned to the States, Gravelle continued her ...
Auroville is a “project in human unity”, an international community based just over the Pondicherry border in Northern Tamil Nadu. The once barren landscape is now lush and green thanks to the tree planting efforts of the first inhabitants and is home to over 1800 people from India and 35 other countries. The residents are involved in a range of activities including a cashless economy, environmental regeneration, organic farming , appropriate building technology and renewable energy.
I thought that Auroville would be the mecca of environmental awareness but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to waste management. Their visitors centre is over run by hordes of tourists every day yet the three recycling bins that they have are just used as general garbage bins.
Their environmental displays don’t mention anything about the way their waste is managed and the guide leaflet and map doesn’t list it’s Eco-service. There is rubbish everywhere and the surrounding Tamil villages are clogged with garbage…
On a positive note I visited Sadhana Forest, an Auroville community practicing indigenous reforestation and sustainable living. A truly amazing place where volunteers live and work together to work on the land . My spirits were lifted when I saw the composting tubs, the recycling facilities, their fabulous handwashing contraption, the compost toilets, their urine fertilizer, the natural shampoos, soaps etc. Solar panels, homegrown veggies, the list goes on and on… 
Sadhana Forest is providing a great opportunity for people to gain and share skills, live in a truly environmentally friendly way and to meet other people that really appreciate the planet that we live on. You get out what you put in. This wonderful, friendly place has a lot to offer and is to be commended on its work. See for more details.

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