Thursday, August 05, 2010

Bindu Mohanty's presentation focused on Soil, Soul, and Society

Professor Mohanty spoke about Auroville in India, her home.
Professor Bindu Mohanty described Auroville, the well-known spiritual community and ecovillage in Pondicherry, India. Founded in 1968 as “an experiment in human unity” and often called, “The City the Earth Needs,” Auroville is intended to one day become a city of 50,000. Currently it is the world’s largest ecovillage with 1800 residents from India and all over the world. Professor Mohanty, who joined Auroville in 1994, has participated in many aspects of Auroville’s development, including issues of environmental justice and participatory rural development, and in organizing university-level seminars on sustainability. Her presentation focused on Auroville’s view of the three fundamental dimensions of life: Soil, Soul, and Society. “Soil represents nature, the Earth,” Professor Mohanty said. “Soul represents the individual and the constant aspiration for perfection and to be of service to Earth and society. Society is the living and learning community that embraces all the nations of the world, all the cultures, and all of humanity.”

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