Friday, August 27, 2010

Yoga is the practice of bringing the divine into our lives

Healing between the lines Daily News & Analysis - Reena Kataria - Published: Friday, Aug 27, 2010: Mumbai | Agency: DNA
Mann Sirohi, actor: I liked Powers Within by Sri Aurobindo. The book is about how you can evolve as a human being and it has such powers that every time you read it, you grow as a person and have a different perception or angle towards life. 
The Mother, whose life was filled with intense metaphysical and transcendental experiences, was the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, who himself ...
There were some undercurrents of anxiety in the air -- an almost tense, fearful relationship with money, jibes about underpaid, overworked volunteers, small-town gossip -- which, in my breathless euphoria of being in a new place, I brushed aside.
My favorite yogin, Sri Aurobindo, said Yoga is the practice of bringing the divine into our lives so that we may transform our lives. ...

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  1. About Tusar N Mohapatra liking the work of Youngbear Roth. I have worked with Youngbear Roth for many years and witnessed miracles. His knowing of yoga is proof to me of many lives. His feeling is different. I think it is like God. He will not advertise or speak of it, he is a special and kind and hard man. Those who need him find him. He has asked me please not to speak of those I meet here and his work in yoga. But I must say something small. So, thank you sir.