Thursday, July 07, 2011

Indian ayurvedic massage by Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma
(Free Lancer Masseur) Phone - 0091-9336454941
Professional Experience: Yoga, Sports and Ayurvedic massage 
Sport Person & Worked as a Masseur at the Massage Center of the Best Western Hotel Hindustan International, Maldahiya, Varanasi U.P., India, from 15 August 2003 to Sep 2006 
Working as a Free Lancer Masseur in Varanasi from 4th April 2003
In special case/patient we can provide health services at any place!

Are u tired of your body? Do u want to get rid of your pain?
Do you want to be healthy without taking medicines? the remedy is here in indian ayurvedic massage. know about the great benefit of massage and help your body to fight the ravages of time. is it possible to stay young for a longer time? Is it possible to keep away a decaying old age? yes, it is possible. Indian ayurvedic massage can do this miracle.

massage controls time's journey. A person in his 70's looks to be in his 50's by the vigour and tremendous youthful freshness created by regular indian ayurvedic massage. 
the arteries and veins shrink and stiffen with advancing age.
Different acids leave sedip in them and the free flow of blood gets disturbed. The body becomes fatigued and limp. The youthful elasticity of the body is lost and this makes age overpower.
help your body with natural therapy to retain the power of youth for some more time. friction + contraction + relaxation are the base of indian ayurvedic massage. These steps do the entire overhauling of your body very quickly. the pace of improvement depends on the structure of your body. 
Indian ayurvedic massage helps in your effort to stay fit, live fit and look fit. You gain healthy complexion, endurance longevity, better skin texture and you lose pain, stress, strain, fatigue and stiffness. Our massage provides relaxation to the body and mind. It is highly refreshing.

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