Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Monkey, Donkey, and Moronery

Assorted Tweets:
Rajdeep Sardesai is leaving Twitter for Facebook? Consistent. Even as a cricketer he was not good enough for the real men's league

Am sure he is working hard on Encyclopedia of Moronery...that takes a while... https://t.co/xfl5mFRSxn

Just as the real outrage would not be that a monkey with a machine gun killed a number of people but that it had the machine gun. #pornban

Ah, the just wars of the Hindu intellectual! Keeping alive the flame of dharma, scorning quote marks, crying donkey https://t.co/gCKH7uXeI3

makes RSS it look like a double face creature which preaches zero-tolerance about corruption and practices just opposite.

[memoranda containing suggestions, on-the-spot studies and oral evidence is taken which helps the Committees] http://t.co/K3qdNBNl5y

[Alcohol is well documented to change behavior. Abusive behavior increases dramatically with alcohol.] @Vidyut https://t.co/x7ELbpNHFD

Saying it explicitly: Why Indian women watch porn http://t.co/H2U3iboIj4 @bitingfriends did a great job of representing views. Thanks!

Philosophy and the End of Sacrifice: Disengaging Ritual in Ancient India, Greece and Beyond (Th... by Peter Jackson http://t.co/4bEuUqVQhN

[Stengers gives us a roster of heroes: Lagrange, Carnot, Hamilton, Duhem, Poincaré, and de Donder among them.] Harman http://t.co/knoYyecBpo

What Is the Work To Be Done By the Realized Soul? https://t.co/HODyI6VXmc

[Sri Aurobindo was the first great Eastern mystic to blend mysticism with messianism.] http://t.co/MMMUNB4P8J

[Sri Aurobindo, the great philosopher yogi, was able to most persuasively describe the messianic-redemptive ideal] SF http://t.co/JdOVMs4JUg

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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