Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Wear the crown of authority in your heart

Stress Management for Students Abstract
You have to live your own life. You can decide to live either a happy life or a stressful one. You can live through the years with the attitude, “I will do my best and not bother about the outcome,” or you can live a life full of fears, doubts and jealousy. The choice is yours. To be happy or to be under stress irrespective of anything. I repeat, anything...
Power of Prayer in Stress Reduction
We are instruments in the hands of God. We make out daily plans and when these plans do not work we feel stressed. Students have to be taught to accept and be grateful without forgetting the theory of Karma – Nishkam Karma – as the Bhagwad Gita has taught us. Once we have done our best, nothing should worry us. We should not worry and feel stressed, if our daily plans fail. Above all, to make the students stress free, wear the crown of authority in your heart and not in your mind while dealing with them.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

School of Perfect Eyesight

Improving eyesight by Yoga
In October 2000 I travelled to Pondicherry, on the South East Coast of India for a course on eyesight improvement (i.e. myopia reduction). This school is one of the few schools that prescribe to the Bates Method for improvement in eyesight, in India. Having just completed a two week course, I returned to London to have my eyes tested and my sight improved from -2.75/-3.00 to –2.25, both eyes, and I was amazed at the result. I continue to do some of the exercises when I get the time, and do not wear glasses/lenses except for driving/sport. My eyes are generally less tired and feel much more relaxed then before. The school is straightforward, there is no useless babble - you just get on with the exercises with people at hand to give assistance and to make sure you do the exercise “properly”. The environment is well organised with around 10-20 students doing the exercises at any one time.
The specialists are professional and you can see that they have worked on 1000’s of cases. The school itself has been running since 1968, so any doubt from your mind erases the minute you walk into the school. The course is completely FREE - you can make an anonymous donation if you wish, in a discreetly placed box.The Exercise ProcessThe exercises are taking an hour, and after an initial check up you walk into the center and carry out the exercises. You are not supposed to wear glasses or watch television during the duration of the course. During the exercises there is relaxing light music playing in the background. These are some of the exercised that I did
Sun Gazing with eyes closed
Palming: Covering your eyes with a cupped palm of your hand.
Reading small print (normal light and candlelight):
Playing with a tennis ball: Moving ball from hand to hand and blinking, and bouncing ball from hand to hand and blinking
Imagination exercises with an eye chart.
Vapour Treatment: Hot vapour is released to your closed eyes for 30 seconds.
Eye Swab: Two cold eye swabs for 10 minutes.
After the first few days you will be called to do special exercised based on imagination, and small print reading – the “optician” will call you into his/her office especially for this. Contact & References Prappana Swain, School of Perfect Eyesight, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry India. 605001. Email: Tel: 0091 413 337156 They are Books published by the School of Perfect Eyesight by a Dr. Aggrawal an admirer of Bates posted by Ketan Varia at 6:18 AM Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sri Aurobindo's Sharira Chatushtaya

Sri Aurobindo's Sharira Chatushtaya, the application of Utthapana, stage 1 and 2, noticing the energy and flow of prana in relation to the lightness and lack of exhaustion or tiredness during the flow. The application of Saundarya, being beautiful, bright, sweet and beautiful. This has a subtle component in the lower centers as sexual attraction, the subtle appearance of display, the idea of make up comes from trying to reproduce the state of subtle beauty that is seen when the sexual energies, arousal is strong...but beauty comes from the heart expressing through the energy of the body's consciousness and the recognition of a highly developed pranic flow, open channels. posted by Pravritti @ 11:17 AM Name: Pravritti Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States. I practice and teach Triyoga, also internal martial arts. Satyam