Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Kalatattvakosa and Natyasastra

Date : 10th December, 2015
Event : Book release function of Kalatattvakosa, Volume VII. 

The Volume will be released by Dr. (Smt.) Kapila Vatsyayan, founder Member-Secretary, IGNCA in presence of Prof. R. N. Mishra from Lucknow and Prof. K. D. Tripathi from Varanasi. 

The Kalatattvakosa series of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts endeavours to evolve an important modern device to grasp the essential thought and knowledge system of the Indian artistic and cultural tradition. The present volume Sthana-Ayatana (Substratum/ Abode) is the seventh manifestation of the series and contains seven scholarly articles. It begins its journey from the general notion of substratum 'sthana' and reaches up to the particular location of 'ayatana'. It is edited by Prof. K. D. Tripathi, Dr. Sukumar Chattopadhyaya and Dr. Pranati Ghosal.

Venue : IGNCA Lecture Room ,11 Man Singh Road, New Delhi
Time : 4.00pm
Invitation Contact No. : 23388063 / 9868229069  

Date : 13th December, 2015
Event : Book release function of Natyasastra Vol. I in collaboration with Bharat Ilango Foundation for Asian Culture, Chennai.

The Volume will be released by Sh. N. Gopalaswami, former CEC and Chairman, Kalakshetra Foundation, Chennai in presence of Padmashri Dr. Padma Subramanyam, noted exponent of Bharatanatyam and Trustee IGNCA Trust. Eminent scholars like Prof. K. D. Tripathi, Prof. R. Nagaswami, Prof. Pappu Venugopala Rao, Prof. K. G. Paulose and Dr. R. S. Ganesha will also be present. 

Datable between 2nd century B.C. to 4th century C.E., the Natyashastra of Bharatamuni is the oldest extant work on the theory and praxis of ancient Indian performative art forms. It offers the fundamentals of theories, especially those of rasa and dhvani, which were subsequently developed by various schools of Indian poetics. The present volume is the Nepal Version of the text of Natyashastra which has been critically edited by Prof. K. D. Tripathi and Dr. N.D. Tiwari with the variants available in the unutilized Manuscripts recently discovered in Nepal. This version of the text is based on the Nepal Manuscripts written in Bhujimol, Newari and Devanagari Scripts. 

Venue : NFDC Hall, Adyar, Chennai
Time : 11:00 a.m.
Contact No. : 09868229069

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