Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The potential of inner technology is practically limitless

The Development of Man Dr. Alok Pandey Write to us nextfuture
There is an outer technology of machine and equipment that has been instrumental in making human life a little more comfortable. A lot of time, money and energy continue to be invested the world over in inventing and perfecting more such technology for the future use of mankind. The development has been stupendous and one has come a long way from Mendel’s laws of inheritance, right up to gene-mapping and gene-manipulation. But is that all? Or is this the only possible direction of development? Is it development at all or does each advancement only bring, as its kickback, a biological amputation?
Our less medicated ancestors perhaps meditated better upon the deeper mystery of life. The universe was throbbing for them with a wonderful Presence. Technology has robbed us of the wonder and the marvel, replacing it with gadgetry that is often complex and stifling, — an imprisonment and enslavement we have learnt to dubiously call ease and comfort, whilst real peace and ease have become even more elusive!
There seems to be an assumption that the human body and its laws are fixed and unalterable, except through external manipulation. This assumption is as fallacious as the one that earlier scientists had made about a static universe. The universe grows and evolves and so does the human body. The pressure of evolution is not yet over. Man is not the last word in Nature. And this excessive reliance on gadgets and machines in supporting the distressed human body may well work against the evolutionary force. It may even lull the body’s own powers to heal.
For there is a healing force within. And there is a technology woven into the inner fabric of our lives. This inner technology we must wake up and govern the outer if we are to master life and conquer death. With outer technology there is always a limit and encumbrance. But the potential of inner technology is practically limitless. Great wonders have been done mastering the technology devised by man. Greater wonders await us by mastering the technology concealed in man.
(Dr. Alok Pandey has been working in the field of psychiatry with a spiritual approach for more than 15 years. He has developed a working concept of integral health and integral psychology which he is using in his life and practice. He is one of the founders of SAIIIHR).

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Quiet Healing Centre opened in February, 1997

Occupying a beautiful seven acre beachfront compound approximately five kilometers north of Pondicherry, the Quiet Healing Centre is Auroville's main alternative health care facility. The land was previously owned by a family with close ties to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram and in years past the Mother occasionally visited the site. She greatly appreciated the natural beauty and deep silence of the spot, gave it the name "Quiet", and spoke of it as the (future) sight of what she called, "a special kind of hotel" where people suffering from the stress of ordinary life could come to recharge and heal."
Many years later, one of the Mother's former secretaries was moved to help realize this vision. Funds were raised, the land acquired for Auroville, and construction of facilities begun. The Quiet Healing Centre opened in February, 1997.
The healing work at Quiet is based on the understanding that man is first and foremost a spiritual being seeking to express its truth through the instrumentality of the mental, vital, and physical nature. Disharmonies occur as the more or less ignorant instruments deform the the energies trying to manifest through them, and it is these disharmonies which we recognize as disease. The various (non-invasive) therapies offered at Quiet all seek, in one way or another, to address the patient's difficulties on an energetic level which is, indeed, the only level from which real healing can proceed. Each therapy honors and strives to work in harmony with the body's own deep wisdom. Each therapist recognizes himself as a humble tool of the indwelling Spirit who is, ultimately, the only Healer.