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Deification of victimhood; the supremacy of feelings over reason, and the glorification of self-esteem over self-control

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What all the modern psychobabble about self esteem, feelings, stress and victimhood lead to is a culture of pervasive and malignant narcissism. Instead of healthy ambition, goals and ideals, the malignant narcissist pursues either the sociopathic selfish type of gratification; or the sociopathic selfless variey.
This is a complicated topic, but I discuss it at length in this series of posts . Suffice it to say that our current culture either emphasizes and encourages a bloated sociopathic grandiosity or it encourages the exact opposite- a selfless sociopathy. Both are extremely dysfunctional and malignant for the individual as well as the society at large; and psychological health requires a synthesis of these two extremes of narcissism. The celebrity culture and the quest for superstardom, constant ego-gratification and promotion of self-esteem (at the expense of self-control) has encouraged an unhealthy grandiosity; while at the same time overcompensating with an unhealthy pseudo-selflessness that manifests itself in politics and religion.
The holy trinity of therapeutic psychobabble, the glue that holds this passive, helpless, and ultimately nihilistic world view together is: the deification of victimhood; the supremacy of feelings over reason, and the glorification of self-esteem over self-control.
Those therapists who subscribe to the psychobabble religion and indoctrinate their patients into it, tend to be predisposed to think of themselves as heroically pursuing "social justice" for the poor, unhappy and oppressed masses. But, when you peel away the layers of pseudo-Freudian babble, you discover that the basic premises, the foundation--or "default mode" if you will of the babbler therapist, is the tacit acceptance of Marxist political theory, which neatly sets up the conditions for individual, cultural and societal suicide.
The Marxist dialectic insists that you can either be an "oppressor" or one of the poor "oppressed". From the Marxist moral perspective it is clearly much better to be a victim of oppression. Thus this world view neatly reinforces the passivity and helplessness of victimhood by proclaiming it to be a higher moral value; and, when the only way to get out of this oppressed victim state is to enter the morally inferior ranks of the "oppresors" most people will prefer to reap the rewards of their victimhood--which in our Marxist-drenched culture have proliferated beyond imagining.
Just ask those who finally escape from the oppressed victim mindset only to discover to their astonishment that they are now perceived as "the enemy" and a "traitor" to their gender, race, class, politics etc. etc.--I'm sure you've heard the rhetoric.
At best, a culture or society can either encourage the development of healthy, mature psychological defenses with which to cope with reality and channel human nature; or they can encourage the development and expression of the worse aspects of basic human nature--i.e., those which result in violence, racism, criminality and all the other pathologies. Either way, social, political and economic systems can only encourage certain human traits that result in civilized behavior; or, encourage those that are barbaric and antisocial. Human nature is the same, though, no matter what type of society or political system it finds itself in.
The therapeutic psychobabble that has become the default mode of our culture leads inevitably to the kind of societally dysfuntional and suicidal behavior we witnessed in the recent British confrontation with Iran; and which we witness almost daily now in our dealings with Islamofascism. Our default mode is suicidal. The enemy's is homicidal. It is a perfect postmodern fit. - Diagnosed by Dr. Sanity @ 6:58 AM Comment (0) Trackback (0) <<> Wednesday, September 19, 2007


  1. White America is the ultimate victim and objectifying scapegoat "culture"---actually the word culture hardly applies.

    They have been monstering everybody else from day one, all in the name of bringing "jesus" and "civilization" to the "heathen savages" and the "howling wilderness".

    This soon morphed into doctrine of manifest destiny, the "light" on the hill, and the nonsense about American "exceptionalism", and that the his-story of the USA was/is an integral part of "god's" plan for all of humankind.

    Sooner or later the inherently dark and murderous agenda behind that charade was going to be exposed.

    The immutable and inevitable karmic payback(s).
    Whatever you sow you inevitably, sooner or later, reap. The universe always dispenses perfect justice--dispassionately.

    Oh we were always so very good in our intentions!

    How could anyone possibly hate us and want to attack us?

    We are victims! Who can we blame and attack next/now?

    Who is going to be the next scapegoat bogeyman?

  2. doctor psychotic talking about "sanity"!!!

    Meanwhile capitalism (that "advanced" form of "culture") celebrates the narcissistic "me" as the ultimate focus, meaning and purpose of life. The narcissistic consumer every person with their endless desires was named person of the year by Time in 2006.

    Capitalism depends on its "success" in the fact that the former seven deadly sins are now the seven cardinal virtues. The "growth" of the entire system depends on finding ever more "creative" ways of indulging or exploiting these seven sins/virtues.

    Every other culture in history was founded on the practical Wisdom that desires need to be understood and transcended, or at least sublimated into positive channels.
    Sometimes just plain old repressed, which never really works, because the repressed urges always re-appear in more toxic forms, such as imperial wars of conquest.

    The NAFS now rule.