Tuesday, March 25, 2008

But tonight I need my rice and dal and vegetable curry, what to do, we are like that only

I bought a book at the airport in Mumbai on my way to Chennai/Pondicherry/Auroville.
It is called "We are like that only" and it is a study of the consumer trends and attitudes in India. I love the title of the book, it is apt and suitable in so many contexts related to Indian people......Posted by Neeta at 19:51 integral dynamic healing

"we indians are like that only, we are open and completely willing to accept raw foods and green juices in our lives but how can you expect us to only drink juices without eating, one day or one week is enough but 92 days, what, you think we are rishis or yogis or something? and to give up our wholesome vegetarian food? even ayurvedic food is cooked, so don't forget, everything is not bad, you should not get rigid, so of course of course, we should not eat fried foods or sweets, if you say milk is bad now, then we will only use a teaspoon in our tea and take stevia instead of sugar, and we will only eat homemade yogurt and less ghee, we will take green juices everyday and that zucchini pasta you made was very good and maybe we can use that tasty pesto sauce on our toast instead of butter, i can't believe there is spinach in this smoothie, i can only taste the banana it is incredible, you must teach me more of this raw foods definitely......but tonight i need my rice and dal and vegetable curry, what to do, we are like that only........"

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