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Scientists find two contradictory trends of change in the average global temperatures

Sri Aurobindo Society, Singapore Monday, May 5, 2008

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo on change in the global weather patterns

In the past decade we have been witness to dramatic upheaval in the weather patterns and climatic changes caused by “global warming”. We have had our share of Tsunamis, earthquakes, torrential rains, sweltering heat, forest fires, droughts, blizzards and what not. Recently in tropical Singapore there was a downpour of hail- or pieces of ice falling! The bizarre and weird weather is unpredictable and violent at times. The external forces causing this are changes in the solar radiation, and greenhouse gases and rising carbon-di-oxide levels to name a few. What are the other forces behind this?

More than seventy years ago Sri Aurobindo gave five indications to recognise the coming of the New world.

The third indication is of relevance here

“The vital is trying to lay hold on the physical as it never did before. It is always the sign that whenever the higher Truth is coming down, it throws up the hostile vital world on the surface, and you will see all sorts of abnormal vital manifestations such as an increase in the number of people who go mad, earth quakes etc “ (Beyond the Human Species - Georges Van Vrekhem)

Sraddalu Ranade observes, when asked what the first signs of change in Matter would be, The Mother pointed to two indications that the Supermind is working in Matter: change in human body and change in global weather patterns.

“Mother indicated that weather all over the world would become more temperate and the extremes of both heat and cold would become less intense, in practice the changes have been towards violent and unpredictable fluctuations of precisely such extremes all over the world. One may view this as a transitional period before the fluctuations even out into a steady average.It is interesting to observe that scientists find two contradictory trends of change in the average global temperatures: seen from satellites measuring changes in the upper atmosphere, the Earth seems to be cooling down, and seen from the ground, the Earth seems to be heating up. So is there global warming or global cooling? For the moment nobody is very sure about the answer: it depends on how you look at the data

Sraddhalu further observes that there is dramatic change in the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface, changes which have begun after the Supramental Manifestation. This explains the violent and extreme weather patterns all over the earth and the inner reason behind it. Nothing seems normal or fixed anymore, dramatic changes and upheavals all over the world and in the consciousness of people makes us aware of the Supramental Force working and tearing apart the “old and dying world”.

The Mother predicted on 14th March 1970

The change has been accomplished. The physical is able to receive the higher Light, the Truth, the true Consciousness. It is in the year 2000 that it will take a clear turn.

References: Service Letter- 30.1.2004 (Founder Editor: M.P. Pandit), Beyond the Human Species –Georges Van Vrekhem, Paragon House, St. Paul, Minnesota
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  1. The Occult Mysteries of the Earth
    Robert. E. Wilkinson©
    "Science has missed something essential; it has seen and scrutinised what has happened and in a way how it has happened, but it has shut its eyes to something that made this impossible possible, something it is there to express. There is no fundamental significance in things if you miss the Divine Reality; for you remain embedded in a huge surface crust of manageable and utilisable appearance. It is the magic of the Magician you are trying to analyze but only when you enter into the consciousness of the Magician himself can you begin to experience the true organisation, significance and circles of the Lila [play] ." The Valley of the False Glimmer by Sri Aurobindo

    On October 12th 2008, Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. They were honored for their efforts to “build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to counteract such change.” The world’s most prestigious honor conferred instant legitimacy on Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth” and the findings of the IPCC which together have made the issue of climate change a cause célèbre throughout the world. While this represents a laudable beginning in global awareness, what have they really accomplished? Gore and the IPCC scientists have succeed in describing a complex array of disturbing physical symptoms which they have extrapolated into a shocking doomsday scenario, but have they really gotten to the core of the issues that lie behind the stresses on the Earth’s environment? Unfortunately not, and without a deeper understanding of the Earth’s occult anatomy, her Soul, Spirit and Destiny, they fall tragically short of the goals enumerated in the text of the 2007 Peace prize: ‘of discovering the necessary measures to counteract these worrisome environmental changes.’
    For those initiated into her mysteries, the Earth is a Being, our Mother, and like her human inhabitants, she has many layers; a Body, a Mind, a Soul and a Spirit. The environmental symptoms that Gore and the IPCC scientists have described deal only with her physical body. They have no knowledge of, or appreciation for, the more subtle realms of her being in which these evolutionary changes and alarming physical phenomenon have their origin. Their limited appraisal of the situation and its solution may be compared to an individual rushed to the hospital suffering from an onslaught of physical complaints which the allopathic physician seeks to cure by treating the symptom, usually with medication or surgery. This gives little regard to the causal dimension of the illness, often guaranteeing its inevitable return. The holistic practitioner however, who is dedicated to treating the patient instead of the disease, would find this fragmented and reductive approach unthinkable. The preferred method of the enlightened physician is to generate healing from within and this is the way of the Earth. But in order to understand her ancient ways we must first discover them in ourselves, for both Individual and Earth are simultaneous and interrelated expressions of the same Being. Confirmation of this hidden truth lies in penetrating into the depths of one’s own consciousness and its many levels of correspondence. This alone provides the means of direct insight into the true nature of our being and its power to heal, be it an Individual or the Planet.
    The Earth Divine:
    One of the great spiritual teachers of our time, the Mother of Pondicherry, once wrote, “…The whole earth and everything it contains is a kind of concentration, a condensation of something which exists in other worlds invisible to the material eye. Each thing manifest here has its principle, idea or essence somewhere in the subtler regions." Sri Aurobindo, her collaborator in a revolutionary new Yoga, expanded the Mother’s statement of a Physical and Ideal earth and foresaw the possibility of uniting the two as the basis of an entirely new human experience:
    “The Supramental Yoga foresees the possibility of a material union with the Divine. It is the union of the “Earth” of the Veda with the divine Principle, an earth which is said to be above our earth, that is to say, the physical being and consciousness of which the world and the body are only images.” Sri Aurobindo, 12/31/1915 Letters to the Mother, Collected Works, Vol. 1, pp 308.
    The evolutionary Yoga that they developed and bequeathed to the world is based upon the possibility of a material union of these two earths and their intervening planes in such a way that nothing that we can observe in the Physical will be Seen as separate from its Source again. The Global healing we are seeking today, individual, collective and environmental is totally dependent upon this Union of the Physical with its divine Source. Conversely, the ongoing separation of these two realms in the face of growing evolutionary pressures for integration and unity remains the proximate cause of the myriad global problems that confront us today.
    A more traditional expression of these esoteric spiritual concepts may be found in the myth of Demeter which was the basis of the Eleusinian mysteries of ancient Greece. This myth, while simple, expresses a universal cosmic archetype preserved in some form in all ancient cultures. In the Myth, Demeter and Persephone are symbols of the Divine and Earthly realms and the transformative unity of the Mother and Daughter Goddesses. Persephone is the most beloved part of Demeter without which she cannot survive. She is Her Soul.
    The myth begins with Persephone, goddess of the harvest, playing in a soft meadow gathering flowers, roses and crocuses and beautiful violets when suddenly the wide-pathed earth yawned and out of it with his immortal horses sprang Pluto, God of the Underworld, who seized the daughter goddess and plunged back into the dark earth. Hearing Persephone’s cries for help, Demeter rushes to the meadow searching in vain for her beloved daughter who had vanished without a trace. For nine days Demeter wandered the earth. She sped like a wild bird over the firm land and yielding sea, searching for her beloved child. On the tenth day she learned the truth from Helios that Persephone had been abducted by Pluto and taken to his underground kingdom. Angered at the Gods who consented to this monstrous deed, Demeter disguised herself and fled from Olympus to Eleusis where she was received with all honor by Metaneria, the queen, who entrusted her with the care of her baby, Demophon. The child nursed by the Goddess grew like an immortal being. He was anointed with ambrosia during the day and, unbeknownst to his royal parents, held over the fire by night nourishing him on the flames in the manner of the Gods. Metanaria wonders at the marvelous growth of her child and spies on Demeter, shocked at what she sees. Realizing that she has been discovered, Demeter casts off her disguise and reveals herself as the Mother Goddess. Seeing this and overwhelmed by her splendor, the whole household gives itself over to the Goddess and she commands that the Meteroion, or "Temple of the Divine Mother" be built in her honor. When the temple is completed Demeter closes herself up inside, resumes her mourning and withdraws her grace from the earth. As her grief deepens, she causes the most dreadful and cruel suffering for mankind. Famine, drought earthquake, fires, floods, hurricanes and plagues become the painful burden of mankind until they are finally threatened with extinction. The whole earth would suffer with Demeter until the return of her golden haired daughter.
    We don’t need to go any further into the myth to realize that this ancient tale is not simply a quaint allegory but an initiatic mystery play recounting the same themes of Estrangement, Reconciliation and Unity that you will find in the Supramental teachings of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea. In the Myth of our time, the Mother is Demeter and Thea is the Persephone figure or Soul of the Earth. The looming catastrophes, environmental and otherwise, that we see around us have their origin in these mythic dimensions of the Earth and her Soul, and today we are feeling the painful consequences of ‘Demeter’s (the Mother's) wrath’ throughout the world.
    Until we recognize and accept this higher calculus of cause and effect, nothing will change for the better and the environmental catastrophe toward which we are headed will grow increasingly worse. But if we can accept the proposition that our ecological, social and political problems have their origin in a higher sphere and seek to address them in their true area of causation, then we can begin to bring about a change in the more external physical realms. The yogic work we are doing here, individually and collectively, is critically important because it reconnects us with the Earth at the most essential level, our common SOUL. And this is the only things that will bring about the desperately needed changes the world requires. As Thea wrote:
    “The Earth can take care of herself provided we under understand the Harmony. All the rest then fits into place once that happens. You can quote me on this!”

    Robert E. Wilkinson
    May 29, 2008