Sunday, August 09, 2015

Alcohol, Berlin Wall, and Tom's Cabin

Assorted Tweets: Baahubali may be religious, but Bajrangi Bhaijaan is devotional and spiritual.
@teamkabirkhan @BeingSalmanKhan Interview misses a very important aspect. I found Bajrangi Bhaijaan truly devotional.
"When you are @BeingSalmanKhan, you don't need to play safe." - Kabir Khan
[Bajrangi Bhaijaan peace and love across the border as well... sooner or later, it must go down like the Berlin Wall]
And now the female version of #Bajrangi bhaijaan. Starring the multi talented Drama Queen. #Sushma Swaraj.
A man who moved mountains. My story on Dasarath #Manjhi, whose life is depicted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a film...
RSS functionary Indresh Kumar addressed Muslim Ulema Conference at Lucknow yesterday. 1200 Muslim leaders attended.
Madras HC rules on what qualifies divorced woman for alimony
What does marriage actually entail? A look at the Hindu marriage vows and their relevance in these times.
Philosophy and the End of Sacrifice: Disengaging Ritual in Ancient India, Greece and Beyond (Th... by Peter Jackson
#Godmen and Teachers: Separating the genuine from the fakes #NewsGram
Please support @ideajay in his bid to save his daughter's school -Miraambika - Request you to pls see his blog
#SaveMirambika "Legendary Sufi Kathak Dancer - Manjari Chaturvedi's views on the clandestine shift of Mirambika"
When Storytelling Stopped Being an Art -By Geeta Chandran Read: -
How to Connect With Teenagers -By Shelja Sen Read:
मां ने बेटे को बल्ले से पीट-पीटकर मार डाला - -
Must reads: Harriet B. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin & Fakirmohan Senapati's Chha mana Attha Guntha (Six Acres & A Third)
Many have faith in unelected bodies, but India values dissent
[memoranda containing suggestions, on-the-spot studies and oral evidence is taken which helps the Committees]
Google's algorithm could steal the election..
[Heehs is not making an original observation when he refers to Sri Aurobindo and his associates as terrorists.]
[Stengers gives us a roster of heroes: Lagrange, Carnot, Hamilton, Duhem, Poincaré, and de Donder among them.] Harman
[Alcohol is well documented to change behavior. Abusive behavior increases dramatically with alcohol.] @Vidyut
Why is Ramdev silent, now? [On 27 February 2011, Ramdev held a large rally to protest against corruption. On 4 June 2011, Ramdev launched Bhrashtachar Mitao Satyagrah] [On 9 August 2012, Ramdev launched another indefinite protest against corruption and to bring back black money.]
[श्री अरविन्द ने समस्त सृष्टि में विखरे हुए दिव्य प्रकाश-बिदुओं को संश्लेष्ण, समाकलन और आत्मसातीकरण किया है|]
The Freedom of Action of the Karma Yogin
Action Not Dependent on the Motive Force of Desire
[Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Sathsang on Aurobindo’s life divine, Prof. Subramany, Nithyatha, Aurolab, Veerapanchan,]
@kalisbrood So, you can quietly sit; no need to tweet.
Wrestle with issues to tone up brain muscle:
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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