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Gerald Holton, Merlin Donald, and Richard Tarnas › Books › Science & Math › History & Philosophy Thematic Origins of Scientific Thought: Kepler to Einstein New edition Edition. by Gerald Holton (Author). 2 customer reviews. ISBN-13: 978-0674877481. Origins of relativity theory, and some generalisations By Viktor Blasjo on March 26, 2008
Holton begins by asserting the importance of historical research into "thematic" aspects of science, by which is meant things like the complex motivations and other personal factors at the level of individual scientists, as opposed to "analytic" aspects of the formal scientific theories themselves. Gerald Holton. Articles by this Author: “The Grand Wake for Harvard Indifference”. At noon on November 16, 1938, some 500 Harvard and Radcliffe students ... “Origins of the Modern Mind is an admirable book...Its author displays throughout an engaging enthusiasm, a fertile imagination and an impressive knowledge of ... Merlin Donald is widely known as the author of two books on human cognition, Origins of the Modern Mind and A Mind So Rare. His central thesis across these ...

Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View is a 2006 book by cultural historian Richard Tarnas, who proposes the existence of relationships between planetary transits and events in the lives of major historical figures, as well as cultural events.
In the book Tarnas discusses the correspondences between planetary transits and the biographies of such figures as Friedrich Nietzsche, William Blake, Walt Whitman, and Arthur Schopenhauer. Tarnas believes that the correspondences between historical events and astrological alignments are consistently astonishing.[5]
Tarnas uses C. G. Jung's concept of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, to argue that there is an acausal connection between the outer world and the human psyche. Wikipedia

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