Friday, February 22, 2008

Diversity and universality of earth architecture

HALF-DAY PROGRAMME 26th February 2008
Earth as a building material has been used worldwide since millennia. UNCHS and UNESCO report that
- 40 % of the world population lives in earthen dwellings
- 25 % of the world population does not have access to decent housing.
- 17 % of the “world cultural heritage sites” is built with earth
- 25 % of the “world heritage sites in danger” is built with earth
- 14 % of the “hundred most endangered world heritage sites” is built with earth
Auroville has become through the endeavour of the Auroville Earth Institute one of the world leader in earthen architecture and people are coming from all over the world to learn something from us. More than 5,000 people from 53 countries have trained by us since 1989. Join and discover what earth as a building material can offer. This awareness course is organised in the framework of the UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architecture, Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development”, for which the Auroville Earth Institute is the representative for Asia.

VENUE Auroville Earth Institute training centre / CSR / Auroshilpam ELIGIBILITY People of all ages and all skills REGISTRATION The workshop is free but please register in advance for a smooth organisation of the event. Please contact Satprem, Ayyappan or Colleen: – Tel 262 3064 / 262 3330
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