Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Everything you always wanted to know about evolution but the mass media wouldn’t tell you

Issue 35 / January–March 2007
The Mystery of Evolution
You’ve heard the debate: Creation vs. Evolution, Darwinism vs. Intelligent Design. But could it really be that simple? Exploring the nature of evolution through perspectives both scientific and spiritual, this issue attempts to do what the mainstream media won’t, offering a complex and nuanced look at one of the greatest mysteries of the modern era. Featuring Robert W. Godwin, Ken Wilber, John F. Haught, Zoltan Torey, John Stewart, and more. Subscribe · Buy this issue · Back issues
The Real Evolution Debate
Everything you always wanted to know about evolution but the mass media wouldn’t tell you
Ranging from the scientific to the spiritual to cutting-edge perspectives that integrate both, this multidimensional overview presents a dozen different theories of what evolution is, how it works, and where it might be headed.
Introduction by Carter Phipps
A Brief History of Evolutionary Spirituality
From Leibniz to Hegel to Teilhard de Chardin, three hundred years of progressive thinkers reveal that evolution has always been a fundamentally spiritual concept.
PLUS: Timeline of Evolutionary Spirituality’s Leading Pioneers
by Tom Huston
The Only Journey There Is
An Exploration of Cosmic and Cultural Evolutionwith Robert W. Godwin
In this provocative interview, spanning cosmic singularities and virgin sacrifices, psychologist Robert Godwin traces the epic—and often barbaric—journey of the evolutionary process in its never-ending quest for higher consciousness.
Interview by Elizabeth Debold
A God-Shaped Hole at the Heart of Our Being
Evolutionary Theology with John F. Haught
Will science and religion ever see eye to eye? With disarming simplicity, theologian John Haught explains how both domains are actually in pursuit of the same eternal mystery.
Interview by Amy Edelstein

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